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The official Korean Pokémon website has announced two new Pokémon event downloads. To celebrate Jiu (지우) getting a Zurrokex (곤율랭) in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes 17, Jiu's Zurrokex will be distributed from June 28th, 2011 until July 17th, 2011 via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It is the same one that was distributed earlier in the year in Japan.

Also announced was the Pokémon Global Link distribution for Mammokkuri (맘모꾸리). It will be distributed from July 1st, 2011 until August 24th, 2011. The password will be posted on the fun.jr.naver.com website. This is also the same as the Manmoo that was distributed in Japan earlier in the year.

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Source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr
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