The Croagunk C-Gear and Event Passwords have been announced for UK, Germany and Spain. The password to unlock the Croagunk event for North America: was announced last week on IGN. The password for the C-Gear skin in Germany was revealed in the N-Zone Magazine 12/11 Ausgabe 176 and it's: CRONZONE while the event Croagunk's password is: CROACNZONE. The Christmas issue of Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK announced the Croagunk C-Gear skin password as: CRONintendoOfficial while the event Croagunk password is CROACNintendoOfficial. The passwords for Spain have also been announced by N-Zone magazine and the C-Gear password is: CRONintendoAccion while the event Croagunk's password is: CROACNintendoAccion.

croagunk croagunk

Croagunk C-Gear Passwords:

  • Germany: CRONZONE
  • UK: CRONintendoOfficial
  • Spain: CRONintendoAccion
  • France: CRONNintendoOfficiel

Croagunk Event Passwords:

  • Germany: CROACNZONE
  • UK: CROACNintendoOfficial
  • Spain: CROACNintendoAccion
  • France: CROACNintendoOfficiel

Our C-Gear page has been updated with the latest information.

Press Release

Following on from last month's Mamoswine giveaway, we've got more exclusive passwords that will unlock Pokémon Black and White goodies through the Pokémon Global Link. Not only have we got a free Croagunk but we've also got a Croagunk C-Gear to share with you.

It's all thanks to the Pokémon company which gave us the codes to celebrate the launch of the Rugged Mountain area in Pokémon Global Link.

Croagunk is the only poison/fighting type Pokémon and you'll be able to get him for Pokémon Black and White by entering CROACNintendoOfficial in the Pokémon Global Link website from 5am on Wednesday 16 November. You'll need to be signed in to the Global Link to do this.

If you would like the Croagunk C-Gear skin (why wouldn't you?) you need to enter the password CRONintendoOfficial in the Pokémon Global Link from 5am on Wednesday.