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TheSpeedGamers held their weeklong marathon from June 15th, 2012 until June 22nd, 2012. Their objective was to catch all 646 avaiable Pokémon throughout the various games of the franchise while raising money for ACT Today!, a charity supporting Autism awareness and treatment. During the marathon, TheSpeedGamers raffled and auctioned off Pokémon related items to lucky viewers that tuned into their online stream and chat. TheSpeedGamers were successful in fulfilling their $50000 goal for this helpful cause by reaching over $59000!

TheSpeedGamers is a non-profit charity organization that holds gaming marathons which usually last 72 hours to benefit other charities. This organization was founded in March 2008 and has held 25 marathons so far, rasing $309,896.64 for nearly 20 different charities. donates 300 ducks to TSG/ACT Today!

We would like to thank The Speedgamers for holding this marathon and having us as a sponsor. We appreciate all of the hard work towards Autism research. JDS donated $300, which caused Britt to inadvertently say "300 ducks" instead of "300 bucks". More Psyducks for everyone! The video of the donation is below.

TSS_Killer's Guest Spot

TSS_Killer from joined Britt from The SpeedGamers to provide both insight into the Pokémon fandom in addition to providing some great late night entertainment. We would like to thank Britt, The SpeedGamers, and their fans for this opportunity, especially for supporting ACT Today! and their Autism research. These videos were recorded between the hours of 4AM-7AM EDT on Thursday June 21, 2012.