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The official Pokémon website has released further information on the previously announced upcoming Dream World area "Dream Park".

Dream Park Dream Park

The area will be available starting November 21st, and will be a colorful playground park full of Pokémon-shaped items. A number of new Pokémon, all having a hidden Ability, will be available through this area. All players will have access to Kailios (Pinsir), Heracros (Heracross), Taneboh (Seedot) and Kinococo (Shroomish), hile those accessing the area using Black 2 or White 2 carts will also be able to meet Dokkorer (Timburr), Nageki (Throh), Dageki (Sawk) and Zuruggu (Scraggy). Additional Pokémon will also be available.

Dream Park Dream Park

The area will also feature a new minigame, "Board Game" (ボード遊び), where players will ride a board over water, attempting to glide as far as possible. Player can choose between three different boards, a "Speed Type", a "Jump Type" and a "Bound Type".

Dream Park Dream Park Dream Park

A number of new items will be added to the Dream Catalog, which players can purchase using new berries obtainable within the Dream Park area. These items will be a new Dream Home named "Castle Keep" (てんしゅかく) and a series of new interior items named the "Japanese Series" (ジャパニーズシリーズ) labels. The Japanese Series will include the following: Heating Table (こたつ), Stair Cabinet (かいだんたんす), Wall Scroll (かけじく), Bonsai Tree (ぼんさい), Fan (Grass) (おうぎ(くさ)), Fan (Fire) (おうぎ(ほのお)), Fan (Water) (おうぎ(みず)) and Hyper Ball Mat (ハイパーボールマット).

Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2012/11/121115_g02.html
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