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Manaphy available in Australia

Melbourne, Australia, 31 October, 2007 - For one week only, Pokemon fans will have the opportunity to use their Nintendo DS in JB Hi-Fi stores nationally to receive the sought after Manaphy Pokemon character.

The Manaphy distribution celebrates the release of Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, which stars mysterious Manaphy, and will be available in JB Hi-Fi stores from 7 November.

Manaphy has an exclusive move called Heart Swap, which switches healing effects with other Pokemon. To add to the excitement, Manaphy will appear inside the elusive Cherish Ball, a special Poke Ball only available through character distribution at events.

To receive Manaphy, Pokemon fans can visit any of the 78 JB Hi-Fi stores around Australia during the 7 - 13 November 2007.

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Consumers must also bring a Nintendo DS and a copy of either Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, and must have obtained the Pokedex.

Once in JB Hi-Fi, consumers need to follow the following simple instructions

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JB Hi-Fi staff will also be available to assist any consumers with the character distribution.

Coming 22 November is Pokemon Battle Revolution where Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl players can copy their Pokemon characters from the DS games into a spectacular 3D environment on the Wii and battle players around the globe via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first game to link the Nintendo DS and Wii systems.

For more information on Manaphy, visit the official Manaphy website www.manaphy.com
Source: http://www.nintendo.com.au