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Sep 11 2013 October 2013 Corocoro
The October 2013 issue of Corocoro has revealed new Pokémon and further information on Pocket Monsters X and Y. A new a new Mega Evolution of Mewtwo which was hinted about during the Smash 153 has been revealed. Also a Mega Evolution of Gablias was also showcased. Below is all the new information revealed in this issue of Corocoro.

Images from October 2013 Corocoro:

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New Revealed Information:

  • Mega Evolution of Mewtwo: Mega Mewtwo X (メガミュウツーX) and is exclusive to Pocket Monsters X. Psychic/Fighting type and evolves using a Mewtwonite X (ミュウツナイトX). It's 2.3 metres in height and weighs 127.0kg. Its ability is Steadfast.
  • The Mega Mewtwo previously revealed and showcased in Movie 16 and the prologue is Mega Mewtwo Y (メガミュウツーY) and it evolves using a Mewtwonite Y (ミュウツナイトY). It is exclusive to Pocket Monsters Y. It's 1.9 metres in height and weighs 95.0kg.
  • Mega Gablias is a Dragon/Ground type and has the Ability Sand Force.
  • Haribogu (ハリボーグ), the evolution of Harimaron (ハリマロン). Grass-type and knows the move Mud Shot.
  • Tailenard (テールナー), the evolution of Fokko (フォッコ). Fire-type and knows the move Psyshock.
  • Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ), the evolution of Keromatsu (ケロマツ). Water-type and knows the move Bounce.
  • Chigorus (チゴラス) is a Rock/Dragon Pokémon T-Rex which has a new ability called Hard Jaw (がんじょうあご) that increases attack power of biting moves. It knows the move Crunch.
  • Amarus (アマルス) is a Rock/Ice Pokémon which has a new ability called Freeze Skin (フリーズスキン) which turns Normal type moves into Ice-type moves and raises their power. It knows the move Aurora Beam.
  • Trimmien (トリミアン) is the Pokémon which was accidentally revealed during the September 4, 2013 Pokémon Direct. Its a Normal type Pokémon that has the new ability Fur Coat (ファーコート) which reduces Physical Damage. Players can also customize the way it looks.
  • Nyaonixe (ニャオニクス) is a Psychic type Pokémon that has different appearances for its genders. The moves it can know are affected by its gender. A female Nyaonikusu can know Extrasensory while a male can know Miracle Eye. It can have the Abilities Keen Eye or Infiltrator.
  • Flare Gang (フレア団) has 5 scientists: Kuseroshiki (クセロシキ), Momiji (モミジ), Bara (バラ), Akebi (アケビ) and Corea (コレア).
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