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From November 1st, 2013 until supplies last, McDonalds Japan will be distributing their yearly Pokémon calendar. The Pokémon Calendar 2014 (ポケモンカレンダー2014) costs 350 yen each and can be purchased at participating McDonalds Restaurants throughout Japan. Inside the calendar are pictures of some of the new Pokémon from X and Y. In addition are 150 stickers and an alphabet page with a letter related Pokémon picture. Also included is a discount card that can be used until April 30th, 2014 for various McDonalds good such at their McFlurry or pancakes.


McDonalds Happy Set December 2013

Starting on December 13th, 2013, participating McDonalds Restaurants throughout Japan will also be distributing 6 different toys in their Happy Sets as a present. The first three toys will be distributed starting on December 13th while the second set of three will begin to be distributed starting on December 20th, 2013.

December 13th Toys

3 Starter Pokémon Spinners
Xerneas & Yveltal Table Hockey
I Found Eievui!
pic pic pic
Three spinners with pictures of respectively Harimaron, Fokko and Keromatsu on them. They can also be spun after being stacked on top of each other.
A table hockey game with pictures of the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal. For two players.
When the yellow piece in inserted in a specific hole of four possible, Eievui will pop out! The correct hole will change with each game.
(4つの穴のどこかにパーツを差し込むと、イーブイが飛び出します。飛び出す穴は毎回変わります。 )

December 20th Toys

Pikachu's "Beat the Rocket Gang!"
Pokémon Type Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle
Pokémon Balance Blocks
(ポケモン バランスブロック)
pic pic pic
Place the Rocket Gang blocs on the red stand, then swing Pikachu's tail around to smack them away.
Contains six triangular cardboard pipes each depicting three Pokémon types, for use in a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle. The carrying case can also be used for pencils, etc.
A set of X- and Y-shaped blocks than can be fit together, stacked, or played with.
(XとYの形のブロックをバランス良く並べたり、積み上げたりして遊びます。 )

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