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The official movie website has updated with a news story on the upcoming movie. A full translation follows:

New details on the feature film "The Cocoon of Destruction" have been revealed! We will now present parts of the story!

Once upon a time, the "Great Destruction" took place, eradicating all life in the Kalos region.

The Great Destruction was brought upon by Yveltal, the "Destruction Pokémon" said to rob everything of life. After destroying everything, Yveltal turned into a "Cocoon of Destruction", in which form it still sleeps today.

When this Great Destruction took place, the only one rivaling Yveltal's power was Xerneas, the "Life Pokémon". Xerneas was said to bestow life to people and Pokémon.

Now, the journey to meet with these two grand legendary Pokémon of the Kalos region begins...

The movie's title "The Cocoon of Destruction" refers to Yveltal, who is now sleeping after causing the Great Destruction. Make sure to keep your eyes out for further information on the Pokémon movies!

The Cocoon of Destruction

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=1098

You decide! The Pre-Order Movie Ticket Pokémon Poll

Incredibly, the giveaway for this year's pre-order movie ticket will be decided by you all via a poll!
Choose your favorite among the four mythical Pokémon that appear in the short "Pikachu, What Kind of Keys Are These"; Jirachi, Victini, Manaphy or Darkrai, and enter the poll.

The special pre-order ticket for the double feature movie "Pokémon the Movie XY: The Cocoon of Destruction/Pikachu, What Kind of Keys Are These?" will go on sale April 19th 2014! If you purchase this special pre-order ticket, you will receive a Pokémon to be decided by poll for your "Pocket Monsters X/Y" Nintendo 3DS game.
(you will get to vote only once via the poll at the official Pokémon movie website)

The voting deadline is February 10th, 2014

Before you vote, make sure to view each Pokémon's presentation video:

Which Pokémon will you vote for?
Put the key representing the Pokémon you're voting for in the keyhole

You can vote in other ways, too

Next Generation World Hobby Fair '14 Winter
Votes will be accepted at each of the Next Generation World Hobby Fair venues! Get a poll ticket from the Movie Corner at the Pokémon Booth, and put it in the box for the Pokémon you choose!
Sunday January 19th: The Nagoya Fair will be held at the Nagoya Dome
Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th: The Tokyo Fair will be held at Makuhari Messe International Convention Center Hall 9, 10 and 11
February 2nd: The Fukuoka Fair will be held at Fukuoka Yafuoku! DOME
February 9th: The Osaka Fair will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka
The Next Generation World Hobby Fair '14 Winter

Pocket Monsters XY
Voting will be possible via the data broadcast for the "Pocket Monsters XY" anime! To vote, press the d-button on your remote during broadcast time at 7PM-7:30PM the following days:
Thursday January 16th: "Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Panic in Kindergarten!"
Thursday January 30th: "The Eerie Rain Shelter! Nyasper was Watching You!!"
Thursday February 6th: "Harimaron VS Mafoxy! Diet Battle!?"
Data Broadcast Vote
(To vote via the Data Broadcast, your TV must be connected to the Internet)
(The "Pocket Monsters XY" Data Broadcast can only be received from channels on the TV Tokyo Network)

Pokémon Centers
Votes are also accepted at Pokémon Centers all across the country:
The Pokémon Center Sapporo
The Pokémon Center Tohoku
The Pokémon Center Tokyo
The Pokémon Center Tokyo-Bay
The Pokémon Center Yokohama
The Pokémon Center Nagoya
The Pokémon Center Osaka
The Pokémon Center Fukuoka
(Voting tickets are limited. Voting will come to a close once the tickets run out)

Corocoro Comic
A vote ticket is included with the February issue of Monthly Corocoro Comic, on sale Tuesday January 15th!
(Submitting a vote will cost 50 yen in postage. Votes must be postmarked February 10th or earlier.)

By submitting a vote on the movie website, you will be given access to a special wallpaper in 4 different sizes. We have made this available for download here

Source: http://www2.pokemon-movie.jp/tickets_pokemonVote/

Character Profiles

The character profile page for the short has been updated to include Jirachi, Victini, Manaphy and Darkrai as well.


Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/chara/short.php

UPDATE: A Hologram Mail announcing the poll has been sent out to the Pocket Monsters X/Y Holo Caster. Our Holo Caster page has been updated with this Mail, as well as the other mail that went out today informing about the Bargain Coupon event and the Balloon Popping attraction at the Global Link.
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