Posted By: Sunain | Mar 25 2007 05:32:20
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We are now looking for this REALLY rare CD in any form which you can provide. This CD contains many orchestrated BGM tracks and we'd be willing to negotiate a trade for pretty much anything. The preference would be to find a way to buy it, but MP3 128kbps+ with lossless compression i.e. FLAC preferred. We are willing to offer pretty much anything requested in trade, the better quality, the better offer.

You can email: [email protected] for more details or to negotiate.

This CD is the one we're looking for, from this concert

Only concert attendees (which were limited to people chosen in a random drawing from Club Nintendo and Pokemon Daisuki Club members) could purchase the CD for 860 yen. There were a total of 1775 invitees who could invite 1 guest each making a total possible circulation of 3550, probably far less.

Good luck, happy searching!