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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Hoopa's Appear! Quiz


A quiz with a total of 600 questions will Appear! alongside the legendary Pokémon!
You have until July 21st! Work together and solve the problems!!

Solve all 600 Questions in the quiz!
Legendary Pokémon with an evil air about them are attacking!
At this rate, the city is in great danger!

But, the legendary Pokémon Hoopa has turned into its new allies, Black Mega Rayquaza, Lugia, Latias and Latios, Appear!

A 600 question quiz is approaching alongside the legendary Pokémon! Combine your forces with Hoopa's allies and solve all the questions!

How to play:
*In order to participate in the quiz, you need to register as a user. This requires an email address!
*When you are going to answer the quiz, log in, and the quiz screens will be displayed.
*You get 1 point for each question you answer correctly!
*You can answer up to 3 questions a day. This includes questions you get wrong!
*100 new questions will be added every week!

Try to get all the questions right:
*Work together with all the other participants and try to get all the questions right!
*Questions nobody have answered correctly yet are colored "grey"! Keep challenging questions that have yet to be answered!
*The deadline for getting all the questions right is July 21st, 12pm! If all the questions have been answered by then, a more shockingly extravagant prize than have ever been awarded before will be given out!

Get further prizes by competing against other teams:
*When you register, you have to choose one of four teams to enter: "Hoopa", "Black Mega Rayquaza", "Lugia" or "Latias and Latios"!
*We will give out gifts that vary between the different teams! The gifts you can apply for change with the team's rank!
*The deadline for the team competition is July 21st, 12pm! At this point, the rankings stand! Aim for the gifts you are interested in and keep answering questions!
*Teams will get point bonuses when they reach certain numbers of members! Invite your friends and get these point bonuses!
500 members: 1000 points
1000 members: 2000 points
2500 members: 5000 points
5000 members: 10000 points
10000 members: 20000 points
15000 members: 30000 points
20000 members: 40000 points
25000 members: 50000 points

The prizes
If all the questions have been answered, a more extravagant prize than have ever been awarded before will be given out!

All Questions Answered Prize:

A Solid Gold Pikachu (1 winner)
An approx. 55mm figure made of 24 karat gold.

Team Prizes:
The final rank of your team determines which of these prizes you can apply for:

1st Prize: A New Nintendo 3DS (20 winners)

2nd Prize: An original Pokémon Center Plushie: "40 Inch Pikachu" (5 winners)

3rd Prize: A "The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa" poster signed by the voice actors (Rica Matsumoto, voice of Satoshi, Ikue Ohtani, voice of Pikachu, and Rie Kugimiya, voice of Hoopa) (10 winners)

4th Prize: An original "Appear!" rotating keychain (100 winners)

Downloadable Prizes:

As you gain points, you'll be given fun digital gifts like coloring pages, scratchpad artwork, PC wallpapers, etc.

Movie-Related Items Appear! in the "Pixus Pokémon Print Gallery"!

Starting Monday June 1st, items with designs from the movie "The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa", set to premiere this summer, will Appear! in Canon's "Pixus Pokémon Print Gallery", where you can have fun with Pokémon-themed print items.
A wide variety of items featuring Hoopa, the star Pokémon of the movie, will be availale!

Print out and play with a Hoopa-themed "origami", "mask" and more!
Those who own a Canon Pixus can instantly print all kinds of Pokémon items including cool calendars and cute stickers, entirely for free!

For further information, see the Pixus Pokémon Print Gallery website.

Pokémon Movie Events Will be Held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City This Summer Vacation

This summer, events related to the double feature movie "Pokémon the movie XY: The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa/Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians" will be held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City!
Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten”, located at the World Import Mart building roof, will show "Pocket Monsters XY: Sky Fragments" and the Alpa and Sky Restaurants will hold a Pokémon Restaurant Fair!

There will be lots of other events as well! Full details are set to be announced June 15th!
Enjoy these big summer vacation events alongside the movie!

Event period: Saturday July 25th to Sunday August 23rd

Movie Pre-Screening


A private screening of "Pokémon the movie XY: The Archdjinni of Rings - Hoopa/Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians" will be held Sunday July 7th, presented by Shogakukan (this will be the movie's premiere).

20 groups of 3, for a total of 60 visitors, will be invited to screenings in Tokyo and Osaka. Each screening will invite 10 groups each. Send in your application according to these instructions. Applications must be received by Monday June 15th.

Tokyo Screening:
Date: Sunday July 5th, 2015
Time: Doors open at 12:30, movie starts at 13:00
Venue: Tokyo Dome City Hall, 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo, Tokyo

Osaka Screening:
Date: Sunday July 5th, 2015
Time: Doors open at 12:30, movie starts at 13:00
Venue: Mido Kaikan Hall, 4-1-11 Kyutaromachi, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka

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