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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. Translations of the new entry follows:

Event Report #1: More than 5000 Participants! A White-hot "Hoopa's Appear! Quiz" Report

The quiz has exceed 5000 participants in only 4 days since it started June 1st!
We're bringing you a status report on the answer accuracy rates and participating teams, as well as intriguing information on "Hoopa's Appear! Quiz", which is truly on fire!

*The information in this report is dated June 4th, 5pm

What is the participation status of the teams?
In addition to working together to solve all 600 questions, the participants are divided into four teams that compete against each other, with their relative ranking determining which prizes the team members can apply for!

At present, Team "Latias/Latios" has the most points!
Since point bonuses are awarded every time a team reaches certain numbers of members, their lead may not be as big as it looks, though.
The ranking list can still change!

Make sure to invite your friends to join your team and attempt to catch up and change the order on the ranking list!
Also, note that you can see the current rankings and the teams' current points when you log in to participate!

Which question has been answered correctly the most?
At present, the question with the most correct answers submitted is this:

3721 people have answered it correctly!
Of course, the answer is the name of Satoshi's partner!
By the way, 41 people have answered it incorrectly. Hihihi, that's too bad!

Also, the question with the highest rate of correct answers is this:

Once you figure out what you're supposed to do, I guess there's no way to not arrive at the correct answer!?
Only one person has answered it incorrectly! Be careful to avoid making typos in your submissions!

Which question has been answered incorrectly the most? Which question has the lowest rate of correct answers?
At present, the question with the most incorrect answers submitted is this:

This is a really hard question that has turned down 562 attempts so far!
If you just enter a guess, it seems hitting the jackpot is pretty hard!

The question with the lowest rate of correct answers is this:

Only 12.58% of those who submitted an answer got it right!
Make sure to search really hard for differences between the right and left picture! If you're using a smartphone, we recommend enlarging the pictures!
Also, things that are divided into multiple parts, like the lawn, should be counted as a single difference!

100 more questions will be added tomorrow, June 5th
The update is scheduled to take place around 5pm!
Since you need to register in order to answer questions, those of you who are going to participate from here on should get your registration in today!

The total number of tough and strange brainteasers will be 600!
If you participants work together and manage to solve all 600 questions, you'll get the chance to win a "pure gold Pikachu" and other extravagant prizes!

Make sure to steadily answer the questions you're capable of solving!

Link: Hoopa's Appear! Quiz"

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=659
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