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Event Report #2: An Account From the Public Dubbing Held Monday June 8th!!

"The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa" is finally premiering next month!
This is an account from the public dubbing held Monday June 8th!

All the extravagant guest voice actors are present and lined up!
Pikachu and Hoopa were there as well, standing at each end of the line!
We'll start with the narration for the short, "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians"!
Mizuki Yamamoto heads to the mike.

Scene 1:
The narrator is worried about Luchabull after it ran off due to a lack of confidence in its singing

Yamamoto (Narrator):
"We suddenly have a major problem on our hands! What can be done?
Pikachu, chase after Luchabull!"

Mizuki Yamamoto's narration has a very gentle tone that matches the short's atmosphere well! The director immediately gave it his OK!

Next up is a scene from the feature movie, "The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa"!
It features Tatsuya Fujiwara as Barza, Koichi Yamadera as Hoopa Unbound and Shoko Nakagawa as Mary!

Scene 2:
In this scene, the Prison Bottle has just been opened. Hoopa's original form appears

First off, a test take:

Nakagawa (Mary):
"You found the Prison Bottle!"

Yamadera (Super Hoopa):
Nghh... This here, this power! Hoopa is strong! Gahahahaha!"

Just then, a massive shadow appears behind Tatsuya Fujiwara as he is about to speak his lines!!

Shinichi Shinohara:
"Mary, why are you...?"

How was that, director? (heh)

Shinichi Shinohara just stole Barza's voice actor Tatsuya Fujiwara's line!!

Fujiwara: Hey, my line!
Shinohara: You'll OK that, won't you, director?
Director: Once again from the beginning, then!
Shinohara: What, why!? What part of that did you find off!?

The entire room is roaring with laughter!
Next up was the proper take!

Fujiwara (Barza):
"Mary, why are you...?

This time everyone takes things seriously and Fujiwara's line gets an OK.

Director: This gets an OK from me. What do you think, Shinohara?
Shinohara: I think Fujiwara's delivery was pretty close to mine...
Director: In other words, it gets an OK from you too! Thank you!
Shinichi Shinohara did a satisfactory take as well!?

Finally, we have the last scene of the day!
It features Tatsuya Fujiwara as Barza, Shoko Nakagawa as Mary... and Shinichi Shinohara as Hippopotas!

Scene 3:
In this scene, everyone is working together to create a new Prison Bottle

First off, a test take:

"Brother, the bottle was..."

"Rejected by Hoopa, the... shadow had no... where...
the shadow had nowhere to go, destroying the bottle...
We have to create a new Prison Bottle!!"

"Our great grandfather created the bottle using earth, fire and water... the three forces of nature!"

"Then, as long as we can find Pokémon of all those types,
we should be able to create a Prison Bottle as well."

Voiceover: Citron: "But none of our Pokémon have the power of earth... that of the Ground type"

Voiceover: Eureka: "Oh, I have an idea!"

Shinohara: "Hippo?"

Voiceover: Hoopa: "Appear!"

Shinohara: "Hiii-ppooooo-prr!"

Director! I can hear the staff laughing!
...and since Fujiwara was fumbling his line so bad, I think I should play Barza...

You still haven't given up, have you? (laughs)

Rejected by Hoopa, the shadow had nowhere to go...

Shinohara suddenly starts reciting Barza's lines out of nowhere!

Director: If only you'd channel that kind of passion into voicing Hippopotas... (laughs)
Nakagawa: These public dubbings have never been this much of a mess before (laughs)

Of course, everyone delivered their lines perfectly during the actual take, giving the public dubbing a powerful finish!

With that, the public dubbing was over and Shinohara won an ippon victory with his comedy techniques!
The powerful deliveries the guest voice actors gave during the real take truly showed how eagerly they're looking forward to the premiere!

The double feature "Pokémon the movie XY: The Archdjinni of Rings - Hoopa/Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians" premieres Saturday July 18th!