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Oct 04 2015 Pokénchi Episode #1
The first episode of Gathering in the Pokémon House? (Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru? ポケモンの家あつまる?) aired on October 4th, 2015 on TV Tokyo from 8:00am until 8:30am. The show's setting is "Pokénchi", a house where residents of different ages and gender gather together, united by their love for Pokémon, to deliver new reasons to love Pokémon, and of course, Pokémon news, all with that special Pokémon love! There are segments where the residents go visit people all over the country, as well as segments where the viewers come visit Pokénchi to have Pokémon battles.

The one thing all the residents of "Pokénchi" have in common is that they all love Pokémon! "Pokénchi" is the shortened form of Pokémon Uchi which translates as "Pokémon House". Their lives are filled with Pokémon! Sometimes they share the latest Pokémon news with each other, other times they play the video games or card game together... and every week, various incidents occur in this life they lead! Everyone, gather at Pokénchi every Sunday morning!

The show stars Shoko-tan and Abareru-kun from Pokémon Get TV along with American-Japanese comedian Antony from comedian duo Matenburo and a Japanese composer, lyricist and musician Hyadain, who mainly works on composing anime themes.

Everyone knows that Shoko-tan is a huge fan of Pokémon! She's the custodian of Pokénchi and wants everyone to love Pokémon even more than they already do. Hyadain is a well-informed person that will teach viewers a lot of things about Pokémon! He makes smart decisions both when it comes to games and everyday life. Abareru-kun is a passionate man doing his best to entertain everyone with Pokémon, although his efforts are sometimes in vain but everyone still loves him.

We have added this show to our Episode Guide and new episode titles will be added as they are revealed. We have also added a Pokénchi content database page which will list all the segments as well as details about the show and will be updated throughout the shows run. The hosts of the show have been added to our Character Database as well. High resolution images from this episode have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Episode 1 Summary

The first opening for Gathering in the Pokémon House? was only a few seconds long. It starts off with a long shot in the sky looking down at Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower is prominent in the shot as it zooms through a bunch of clouds to the actual Pokémon House which has a large Pikachu tail as its roof.

Cut out pictures of Shoko-tan, Hyadain and Abareru-kun pop-up at the bottom of the screen and they disappear as the Gathering in the Pokémon House? (ポケモンの家あつまる?) logo appears for a few moments before it disappears and the camera zooms to the front door which opens to start the episode.


The episode starts with Shoko-tan directing Abareru-kun to arrange items on the shelf so they look nice and clean and she wants to get it done because a new girl named Rinka would be arriving that day. The two argue for a bit until Hyadain announces he has a Pikachu cake. Shoko-tan thinks it looks amazing and cute.


The cake was a present to celebrate their new friend Rinka coming to the house. Shoko-tan then says she got a Nymphia plushie for her as well as a present. Abareru-kun gets all worried because he forgot to get her a present also and just then the doorbell rings but no one hears it. Rinka just decides to walk in and they are all surprised to see her as they were discussing what he should and Abareru-kun quickly runs off after seeing Rinka.

Rinka sits down and introduces herself. She is 15 years old and her favorite Pokémon is Pikachu. She really liked Hyadain Pikachu cake and Shoko-tan give her the Nymphia but then beings to start rambling on and on at a faster and faster speed until Hyadain has to explain to Rinka that she sometimes does this. He then proceeds to do a Wanriky Karate Chop on Shoko-tan in the forehead to stop her. Rinka then thanks them both for the presents.

Abareru-kun then shows up again but he has a Marumine painted on his forehead. She is instantly afraid and begins to run away after he tries to get close to her. Hyadain finally breaks it up and stops them both. Abareru-kun though that Rinka loved Marumine because she had one on her backpack. He then says he has a surprise present for her instead and to wait a moment.

Abareru-kun Replicates Marumine's Explosion!?

Abareru-kun returns a few minutes later with a bunch of bowls and some dry ice and boiling water so he can replicate Marumine's Explosion. He starts off by first putting a bunch of dry ice into an empty bowl. Second, he then pours water over it and it quickly begins to create an expanding fog.


Third, he put liquid detergent in a bowl with a shoelace dipped in it and the then spread the detergent over the top of the bowl to make a bubble that grew as the CO2 fog expanded. They were impressed but Shoko-tan didn't think it quite looked like a Marumine but Abareru-kun had that covered as well. He had a balloon that was colored like Marumine and in the balloon was some more dry ice. He got a bottle of water and then poured it into the large balloon. It began to expand until it finally Exploded.


Pokénds Gather? (ポケだちあつまる?)

Antony travels all throughout Japan and his objective is to make lots of friends that love Pokémon and those people are then called Pokénds (ポケだち), Pokémon + Friends! He carries a red and white banner with him so that people know exactly what he is doing plus his yellow Pikachu shirt means people can see him coming. In the first episode, he visited his birthplace Itabashi, Tokyo and as a local celebrity he tried to make many friends as he could. Like Satoshi, who started his journey in Masara Town, Antony wanted to start his journey in his hometown.


He started by visiting the Yabata baseball team. When Antony was 12 he also played baseball. He then visited the Takinogawa Market Street shopping district (滝野川市場通り商店街). He stopped by Funachu CSC (鮒忠 CSC) where he met 60 year old Hiroyuki Miura (三浦宏之) who he thought looked like Sleeper. He then visited a Flower shop (花よし) where he met 72 year old Teruko Nakamaru (中丸照子) who he thought looked like Washibon.


While walking on the street, he then met his old classmate 26 year old Miho Ikuma (生熊美穂) and her 6 year old son Rui. She then sang the song Can You Say the Pokémon? (ポケモン言えるかな?) to show how much she knew about Pokémon. That concluded his segment for the week after meeting new Pokénds.


After the commercial break, Hyadain was playing with the Takara Tomy toy Pokéderu Gacha (ポケでるガチャ). Abareru-kun wanted to try it but Hyadain wasn't done playing and the two got in an arguement. Shoko-tan said they should have a Pokémon Battle. Abareru-kun said that if he won, Hyadain would have to paint his face like a Marumine as well, and also shave his head to get a "Marumine haircut". When Rinka was asked which of the two's side she was on, she said she was with Hyadain and Abareru-kun told her she'd have to paint he face if he lost too. Rinka was initially horrified, but said it'd be okay since Hyadain was definitely winning. It was a 3-on-3 single battle.

The battle started with Abareru-kun sending out Marumine and Hyadain sending out Sirknight which it promtly Mega evolved. Marumine used Thunderbolt. Sirknight then used Hyper Voice which left Marumine with only 1HP as it had a Focus Band (きあいのハチマキ) on. Hyadain swapped out Mega Sirknight for Gengar. Marumine used Explosion but it had no effect on the Ghost-type Gengar. Abareru-kun then sent out Fiarrow and it used Brave Bird which KO'd it. Hyadain brought out Mega Sirknight again but Fiarrow's Brave Bird KO'd it also. Hyadain sent out his last Pokémon, Hariteyama which used Close Combat and KO'd Abareru-kun's Fiarrow which was low on HP due to the recoil damage from using Brave Bird. Kamex was Abareru-kun's final Pokémon and he Mega evolved it. He used Hydro Pump and dealt over 50% damage to Hariteyama but not enough to knock it out. Hariteyama which used Close Combat and 1-hit KO'd Mega Kamex. Hyadain was declared the winner of the battle. Abareru-kun was visibly upset on the floor but Hyadain came over to him with an outstretched hand and the two hugged.


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