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Feb 07 2009 Pokemon Sunday 225
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Diamond & Pearl Returns 'Pachirisu vs Eipam! Contest Battle!!' / 'Robert's Surprise Quiz!' / 'Yamamoto-taīn Large Pinch!?' (ダイヤモンド&パールリターンズ「パチリスVSエイパム!コンテストバトル!!」「ロバートにドッキリクイズ!」「山本隊員大ピンチ!?」), aired on Sunday in Japan.

This weeks Pokémon Revival episode is パチリスVSエイパム!コンテストバトル!! (Pachirisu vs Eipam! Contest Battle!!) which is the twenty second episode of Diamond & Pearl. Satoshi is training with Pikachu and Eipam for his next gym battle. Dawn and Musashi end up entering a nearby town's Pokemon Contest. Who will win?

The Pokemon Sunday crew is once again testing their reactions to many different stimuli. Red, Golgo and Shoko watch the reactions of Robert as they eat wasabi, attempt to get a monster ball out of water, put their feet in ice water, have a foot massage and drink tomato juice. Then back at the studio, the crew gets to watch the reactions of Shoko who also eats the wasabi. Golgo is then forced to put his feet in the ice cold water as the crew laughs at his reaction.

picIn the preview for next weeks episode of Pokemon Sunday, Junichi Masuda of Game Freak is shown playing his Nintendo DS while Baba looks on. A screenshot is shown of a Level 100 Water Type Pokemon with 1250000 experience points, with a Timer Ball and an ID of 42991. The caption on the screen says: The last Pokemon to be captured is? (最後に手にするポケモンは?) . Click on the screenshot for a higher resolution.

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