Posted By: Sunain | Feb 11 2009 17:03:56
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corocoroAnother picture from the March 2009 Corocoro has leaked. The picture shows the surprise addition of the starter Pokemon from the Johto region to the upcoming 12th Pocket Monsters Movie. Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile as well Heatran are all expected to have some kind of role in the upcoming movie but it is currently unclear what it will be. These newly announced Pokemon join the Notched-Ear Pichu and Arceus that were announced earlier.

Another picture from the latest Corocoro issue shows the newly updated Movie 12 title: アルセウス超克の時空へ (Arceus - Towards the Continuum of Conquest). The title now includes Arceus, a Pokemon many people speculated would be in this movie. The revised title of this years movie should also be confirmed in this weeks Pokemon Sunday.