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picThe official Japanese website for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of the Sky has updated to include tons of new information and screenshots for the upcoming game which will be released on April 18th.

Your role in the game starts of one day at a beach. You wake up and realize that you have lost your memory and that you are a Pokémon. At this beach, you meet up with a help-seeking Pokémon which takes you to an expedition guild. As a member of an exploration team, you strive to overcome many difficult challenges.


One day, a Juptile steals a "Time Wheel". Why did it steal it and for what purpose...? And what great events stand before you...?

Two of the extra side-quest episodes were also announced and they fill in part of story from the game.

  • The Genius Pupurin - You play as an Pupurin, which you find out is the Pukurin Guild leader before it evolved. He teams up with his friends Muchul, Upah and Subomie and end up going to the Forest of Darkness where he meets an Armaldo. What adventure lies ahead?


  • In the Dark Future - The second quest takes place after the main story. Juptile and Yonoir have vanished into the future. Dark Dialga has apparently turned his back on Yonoir for failing him, thus leading Juptile and Yonoir's to an alliance.


More screenshots from the game are available on the Imageboard.