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picJAKKS Pacific, Inc.’s 2009 Pokémon® line-up is robust with over 80 new Pokémon action figures, interactive playsets, collectible plush, electronics, and the all-new touch screen National Pokédex, which connects fans to all 490+ Pokémon in every known region of the Pokémon world.

Pokémon fans can find, collect, trade and battle for years to come as they continue to build their massive empire in hopes of becoming the ultimate Pokémon Trainer.

Since its introduction in 1996, Pokémon has become one of the most popular children’s properties in the world. The phenomenon continues each year with new video game, animation, and trading card game releases.

picThe 2009 Pokémon line-up is expected to include:
Basic Figure Singles & Multipacks: These 3” Pokémon figures come in single or three packs. JAKKS Pacific produces over 80 different Pokémon figures per year – “Gotta Catch ‘em All!” Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price Basic $4.99 and Multipacks $9.99

Electronic Large Plush: The all-new line of 10” plush features cool sound effects that will bring your Pokémon to life. Each Pokémon responds in its own special way by saying its name. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $14.99

Pokémon Deluxe Micro Playset: Get a part of the Pokémon world all in one purchase! Transform the portable Poké Ball into a Pokémon playset with the push of a button. Each set includes Pokémon and accessories. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $14.99

Pokémon Fossil Regeneration Station: Straight out of the recent animation episode, “Wild in the Streets,” kids will love the chance to dig up fossils, drop the fossil into the Regeneration Chamber, and transform them into a Pokémon, just like Gym Leader Roark! Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $29.99

picRival Reactors: Talk to the “Rival Reactors” Pokémon and watch them react to you and interact with each other. 5” Pokémon figures react to sound with movement and SFX when you approach. Talk, react, and interact with the entire collection of figures! Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $12.99

Pokémon Cheebees™: Collect these 4” Pokémon figures with their cool, stylized look. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $9.99

JAKKS also expects to release new items this Fall including:
National Pokédex: For the first time ever, all 490+ Pokémon from every known region are included in the all new National Pokédex, featuring cutting edge touch screen technology. With a simple touch of
the screen, fans have complete access to all the Pokémon information and games. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $29.99

Pop n’ Battle Poké Balls: Have a Pokémon Battle with the all new Pokémon Pop n’ Battle Poké Balls. Close the Poké Ball, press the button, and throw! Watch your Pokémon pop out of the Poké Ball, ready for battle! Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $5.99

Pictures from the Toy Fair are available on the Imageboard thread.