Feb 22 2009 Pokemon Sunday 227
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Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Diamond & Pearl Returns 'Showdown! Satoshi VS Pikachu!?' / 'Pokemon Sunday Takes a Trip to Snow Country!' / Pokémon Game Arena 'Group Member Akiyama's Surf goes Swimmingly!?' (ダイヤモンド&パールリターンズ「対決!サトシ対ピカチュウ!?」「ポケモンサンデーが雪国に出張!」ポケモンゲームアリーナ「秋山隊員、なみのり絶好調!?」), aired on Sunday in Japan.

This weeks Pokémon Revival episode is 対決!サトシ対ピカチュウ!? (Showdown! Satoshi VS Pikachu!?) which is the twenty-fourth episode of Diamond & Pearl. With the Floaroma Pokémon contest coming up, Satoshi is giving Hikari the chance to battle his Pokémon.

In this weeks episode, the crew heads to snow country, specifically Niigata Prefecture - Tokamachi City (新潟県 十日町市) where they meet up with a local group of students. The hosts split up into two teams, Baba and Lucario on one team and Yamamoto and Akiyama on the other team. The first event they participate with the kids is a snowball fight with Pokemon as targets. Baba and Lucario's team managed to knock out all the targets in 1 minute 6 seconds, beating Yamamoto and Akiyama's team by 2 seconds.

Later on in the show, Lucario challenges Yamamoto, Akiyama and Baba to slide down the hill and try to move a giant snowball just like in the Kissaki Gym.

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