Posted By: Sunain | Feb 27 2009 20:36:48
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Pulse of the Frontier TCG Expansion 「拡張パックフロンティアの鼓動」 was announced earlier this year and many of the cards have already been revealed. The latest expansion set is scheduled for release next week on March 6th, 2009. Packs will be sold for 315 yen before tax.


The box art for the starter pack "Gablias VS Lizardon" has been revealed and the set will be for sale at the suggested retail price of 1,500 yen including tax.


The official Japanese Pokemon Website has also revealed a new card contest in cooperation with Shogakukan to help promote the upcoming 12th Pocket Monsters Movie. The contest will be held from Saturday, February 28th to Friday, April 24th and all submission must be postmarked on a date during that time. The first two cards, Arceus and Pichu, have been revealed but the other ones will be announced later this year.