Posted By: Sunain | Mar 01 2009 02:03:09
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picThe official Japanese website announced that the 5th ANA short will be released on DVD in Japan later this year. The short premiered on ANA flights last August. The DVD will also be given out as a prize for some of the Movie 12 Card Contests winners.

Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure (ピカチュウ 氷の大冒険) is the 5th ANA short. Under the shining Pochama and Buoysel start to test their speed in the ocean. Meanwhile, Nyarth and its team bring the surf board saying "We are going to catch the Big Wave and become the Legend!" Trying to scramble for the play space, all the Pokemon get into a big fight! All of the sudden, a huge snowstorm blows everyone away from the play space.

After the incident, Pikachu and friends wake up in a world of ice! Pikachu, Pochama and Nyarth found themselves separated away from everyone by the snowstorm. What was the cause of the storm? Can Pikachu and everybody come back to where they came from safely? Pikachu and friends' adventure begins in a world of ice!