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Pokémon Run Carnival 2018 SG is Southeast Asia's Pokémon themed fun run and is back again with an expansion of activities this coming January 2018! Get immersed into the life of a Trainer and spot various Pokémon along the route. Trainers can experience Pokémon of different series and anticipate the newly introduced Inflatable obstacles!

There will also be a Pokémon Carnival area open to all! Come experience this thrilling Pokémon adventure on 27 January 2018! Gotta come catch'em all! Pokémon Run Carnival 2018 is happening in Taiwan and Singapore.


Visitors to the Pokémon Run Carnival 2018 Singapore could get a Heracross Pokémon Tretta chip.

Date: January 27th, 2018
Place: MARINA BARRAGE, Singapore

Source: http://world.pokemontretta.com/sg/get-a-heracross-chip-at-pokemon-run-carnival-2018-sg-2/
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