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In cooperation with, we will be posting new information from Pokemon Platinum English Version. Below is some of the new information from the game. This news article will be updated throughout the day.

The alternate forms of Rotom are as follows:
* Cut Rotom is now known as Mow Rotom
* Spin Rotom is now known as Fan Rotom
* Frost Rotom keeps the same name in the US as Japan
* Heat Rotom keeps the same name in the US as Japan
* Wash Rotom keeps the same name in the US as Japan

photoEnclosed in copies of Platinum is a Rotom Pamphlet with a Rotom Code. Players are instructed to visit, which isn’t available yet and enter in one of five Rotom codes.

The pamphlet instructs players to “talk to your friends to find all 5!”.

The Mow Rotom code is: 7W6O3M5
The Heat Rotom code is: T8A6EH7
The Wash Rotom code is: H8S3A5W
The Frost Rotom code is: 6TS8ORF
The Fan Rotom code is: 9N4A4F8

* The Platinum Orb, used to keep Giratina in it's Origin Forme is now called the Griseous Orb

The US names for the Three new Battle Facilities as well as various other places have also been Revealed. They are as follows:
* Battle Stage is now known as Battle Hall
* Battle Roulette is now known as Battle Arcade
* Battle Castle keeps the same name in the US as Japan
* Match Place, where you re-battled Gym Leaders is now known as Battleground
* Stage Madonna Kate is now known as Hall Matron Argenta
* Castle Butler Cochran is now known as Castle Valet Darach. The Lady of the castle is no longer known as Cattleya and is now known as Lady Caitlin
* Factor Head Nejiki is now known as Factory Head Thorton
* Dahlia keeps her name but is now the Arcade Star Dahlia

The Dex has also been updated to include all the Platinum information.