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Well time certainly goes by fast! It's been three years since #PocketMonsters was created and during that time a lot has changed. #PocketMonsters has a huge group of staff members and loyal visitors that are in the chatroom daily discussing the recent events in the Pokemon community as well as world events. We're grateful for all those that visit and we hope to see many more of you visit in the upcoming year.

Gremolin has created an amazing wallpaper to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of #PocketMonsters. You can download the 1280x1024 version or the 1024x768 version by clicking on the appropriate link.

In the past year, we added an Imageboard. to our site. It has become the premiere Pokemon Imageboard on the net with thousands of visitors per day. We hope you enjoy this unique board and continue using it.

There are still many changes that are going to occur here at #PocketMonsters during the next year. As many of you know, #PocketMonsters staff members are currently working hard on a fully fledged website to replace this version of the website. The past few years we've had a relatively simple main website maintained by one or two staff members. The new website will not only focus on the Anime, but all aspects of the Pokemon franchise. The new website will have a lot of user interactivity and will take full advantage of the latest web technologies to create the most sophisticated Pokemon fansite on the Internet. In combination with the chatroom, the website will become an excellent resource for any Pokemon fan worldwide. There is currently no eta on the release of the website, but check back soon for information on the launch of the new site.

We'd also like to thank our affiliates who are currently listed on the left in the menu bar. Many of them are staff members and also run their own websites. They have all been helping by adding content to the new site as well as informing us of news and information. We are grateful to have such dedicated fans on the #PocketMonsters team and we hope to build more relationships with others throughout this year.

For those that have not visited the #PocketMonsters chatroom, we hope that you visit us. The heart of #PocketMonsters is our chatroom. It is a kids friendly, moderated chat, so there are rules. You can visit us at #[email protected].