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From July 20th, 2021 until August 31st, 2021, Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream will launch the Happy Summer Party themed 31 Poké Summer! Campaign (サーティワン ポケ夏!キャンペーン)!

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To coincide with the campaign, the recommended flavor Pikachu Happy Party (ピカチュウ ハッピーパーティー) will be released! It features Apple sorbet, yogurt-flavored ice cream, and Pikachu-shaped sweets, making it a flavor that you can also enjoy visually.

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There is also a Pokémon Double Pack with ice cream in cute Pikachu and Pochama designs, a Pokémon Sundae at Home Set with spoons and sleeves to decorate, and a Pokémon Ice Cream Master Set where you can enjoy bowling with the monster ball styled cup, box and PET bottle that the ice cream came in after eating it.

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There are also Pokémon Variety Boxes (8 and 12 boxes only) with many Pokémon designs and the Pokémon Surprise Cake ice cream cake, so don't miss out!

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Item List (English):

Pokémon Double Pack - 540 yen
Pokémon sundae at Home Set - 1,800 yen
Pokémon Ice Cream Master Set - 3,400 yen
Pokémon Variety Box - 8 Small - 1,960 yen
Pokemon Variety Box - Regular 8 pieces - 2,730 yen
Pokemon Variety Box - 12 small pieces - 2,800 yen
Pokémon Variety Boxes - 12 regular - 3,900 yen
Ice Cream Cake - 3,600 yen

Item List (Japanese):

ポケモン ダブルパック 540円
ポケモン おうちでサンデーセット 1,800円
ポケモン アイスクリームマスターセット 3,400円
ポケモン バラエティボックス スモール8個 1,960円
ポケモン バラエティボックス レギュラー8個 2,730円
ポケモン バラエティボックス スモール12個 2,800円
ポケモン バラエティボックス レギュラー12個 3,900円
アイスクリームケーキ 3,600円

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/goods/2021/07/210716_fo01.html
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