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DeNA has announced the 5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×11 is now live in Pokémon Masters EX. After using this one-time-only ×11 scout, you can select one sync pair from the pool of six fair-exclusive sync pairs and 5★ sync pairs that are included in the scout.


5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×11

In addition to the Sync Pair Scout ×11, get a sync pair of your choice from a selection of 6 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs! 5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×11 under way! A one-time only 5★-Select Poké Fair Scout ×11 will be available during the time period below.

This special Sync Pair Scout allows you to select an additional Sync Pair of your choice from the pool of 6 fair-exclusive Sync Pairs and 5★ Sync Pairs available in this sync pair scout, after using the Sync Pair Scout ×11.

6 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs Included in This Sync Pair Scout

  • Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus
  • Cynthia & Garchomp
  • Lysandre & Yveltal
  • Marnie & Morpeko
  • Lear & Hoopa
  • Emmet & Archeops



March 5, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. - March 30, 2022 at 9:59 p.m.


  • This sync pair scout can only be utilized once during the scout period.
  • The special 5★ sync pair can only be claimed for a limited time. It cannot be claimed after the scout period ends.
  • Please note that you cannot have two or more sync pairs that include Trainers with the same name in your team.
  • The pool of 5★ sync pairs is limited to 5★ sync pairs along with Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs available in this sync pair scout.
  • To check the available sync pairs in this sync pair scout and their respective offering rates, go to the Offering Rate section on the Sync Pair Scout screen.
  • Please read the Notes tab under Offering Rate on the Sync Pair Scout screen before using the feature.
  • This sync pair scout is available using paid gems only.
  • The time period and featured content are subject to change without notice.
Source: https://pokemonmasters-game.com/en-US/announcements/BSearch_4020_1W_8
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