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The official Japanese Pokémon website has annoucned the Pokémon Battle Master Championships (ポケモンバトルマスター決定戦) which will take place from April till July 2022. The championship is only open to Japanese residents. Players will have to play in both the video game tournament featuring Pokémon Sword and Shield and the card game tournaments.


What is the Pokémon Battle Master Championships?

We're holding the Pokémon Battle Master Tournament, a competition where you have to be strong in both the video game and the card game to win! Who is the strongest in both Pokémon games and card games?


Tournament Outline

Preliminary games: Internet preliminary round to be held around June 2022
Card games: "City League" and "Trainers League" held from April to June 2022
Finals Date: To be determined
Participants: Top 32
Conditions for entry Age: No limit
Region: Japan residents only

Event Flow


Step 1: Participate in the Preliminary Rounds!
Earn Pokémon Battle Master Points by participating in both qualifying rounds held for the video games and the card game, respectively.

Video Game Qualifier
Participate in the Internet qualifier to be held in June. You only have one chance to qualify for the game, so be sure to participate in this tournament.

Card Game Qualifiers
Participate in each tournament to improve your position in the player ranking. You will earn Pokémon Battle Master Points according to your ranking.

Step 2: Apply for Pokémon Battle Master Points!
Apply for Pokémon Battle Master Points earned in the qualifying rounds of games and card games on the page to be announced in the future. *The application form will be available in early July.

Step 3: The finals will be held!
A final competition will be held for the top 32 players among those who applied. The winner will be awarded the title of Pokémon Battle Master!

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/sp/pokemonbattlemaster/
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