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From July 21st, 2022 until August 31st, 2022, Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream will launch the 31 Poké Summer! Campaign 2022.

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Eievui's Fluffy Ice Cream (イーブイのもふあまアイス)

This year's new Pokémon flavor is the first to feature Eievui as theinspired flavor! It's an eclair-flavored ice cream in Eievui-inspired colors. A favorite of children and adults alike, the eclair has been remade in the 31 style! Chocolate ribbons are added to the ice cream to recreate the aroma of the puff pastry, and the light custard flavored ice cream is accented with chocolate bits for a darker taste and crunchy texture! Let's enjoy the summer with Eievui!

Pikachu Happy Party (ピカチュウ ハッピーパーティー)

Here it is again this year! Made with lactic acid bacteria is this mildly sweet yogurt-flavored ice cream, and paired with a refreshing apple sorbet is perfect for summer! Color the summer with bright yellow, cute Pikachu-shaped sweets. *Sterilized lactic acid bacteria is used.

Pokémon Double Cup (ポケモン ダブルカップ)

The Double Cup is getting a Pokémon designed cup makeover this summer! The designs include: A. Pikachu and Eievui enjoying summer; B. A summery design featuring Pikachu (male form) and Pikachu (female form); C. A large grouping of Pokémon featyrung Pikachu, Eievui, Fushigidane, Hitokage, and Zenigame! Plus, each Double Cup comes with one sundae spoon featuring either a Pikachu or Eievui design! *You can choose 2 ice cream of your choice.

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Pokémon Variety Boxes (ポケモン バラエティボックス)

There are 4 different sizes: 4 Flavors, 6 Flavors, 8 Flavors, 12 Flavors. *You can choose your favorite ice cream.

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Pikachu & Eievui Box Set (ピカチュウ&イーブイ ボックスセット)

You can choose 8 of your favorite ice cream. Comes in Pikachu & Eievui Box Set cups.

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Pikachu & Eievui Box Set (Original Cooling Bag) ピカチュウ&イーブイ ボックスセット(オリジナル保冷バッグ)

A box set of 8 ice creams of your choice with a Pikachu and Eievui-designed cooler bag is also available in limited quantities! The cooling bag can easily hold the box of 8 ice creams and will be very useful for leisure time and outings! The cups are also specially designed for this set, so be sure to check them out!


Pokémon Blue Soda (ポケモンブルーソーダ)

You can choose one ice cream of your choice. On the other side is an Eievui design!

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Pokémon Palette 4 Ice Cream Cake (ポケモンパレット4)

Introducing an ice cream cake with Pokémon gathered together in a popular 4 slice palette cake where you can enjoy different flavors for each piece! They have combined Pikachu, Eievui, Gangar, and Lizardon scoops with popular flavors that can only be found in this cake! Many Pokémon are featured on the outside film, so be sure to find out what kind of Pokémon you have!

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Pokémon Ice Cream Cake Eievui & Pikachu

Eievui's ice cream cake is back in limited quantities! The whipped cream around the neck and its big eyes are very cute! The round eyes and red cheeks on Pikachu are so cute!

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During the campaign period from July 21st, 2022 to August 31st, 2022, get 31 Poké Summer! products and post a photo of it them Twitter with the hashtag #31ポケ夏満喫チュウ (#31PokeEnjoySummerChu) to win prizes! The prizes will be upgraded according to the number of photos you post. Also, the store is full of cute decorations, including a photo spot* where you can easily take cute pictures! We look forward to your submissions! * Some stores may not have the photo spots.


Item List (English):

Eievui Fluffy Ice Cream - Single/Regular size - 390 yen
Pikachu Happy Party Single/Regular size - 390 yen
Pokémon Double Cup Small - 490 yen / Regular - 710 yen
Pokemon Variety Box Small 4 scoops: 1,120 yen - Regular 4 scoops: 1,560 yen
Pokémon Variety Box Small 6 scoops: 1,540 yen - Regular 6 scoops: 2,140 yen
Pokémon Variety Box Small 8 scoops: 1,960 yen - Regular 8 scoops: 2,730 yen
Pokémon Variety Box Small 12 scoops: 2,800 yen - Regular 12 scoops: 3,900 yen
Pikachu & Eievui Box Set Small 8 scoops: 2,460 yen Regular 8 scoops - 3,230 yen
The cooling bag can be added to the box set for an addition +500 yen.
Pokémon Blue Soda - 460 yen
Pokémon Palette 4 - 3,200 yen
Pokémon Ice Cream Cake Eievui or Pikachu - 3,300 yen

Item List (Japanese):

イーブイのもふあまアイス シングル・レギュラーサイズ 参考価格 390円
ピカチュウ ハッピーパーティー シングル・レギュラーサイズ 参考価格 390円
ポケモン ダブルカップ スモールダブル 参考価格 490円/レギュラーダブル 参考価格 710円
ポケモン バラエティボックス 参考価格 スモール4個:1,120円 レギュラー4個:1,560円
ポケモン バラエティボックス スモール6個:1,540円 レギュラー6個:2,140円
ポケモン バラエティボックス スモール8個:1,960円 レギュラー8個:2,730円
ポケモン バラエティボックス スモール12個:2,800円 レギュラー12個:3,900円
ピカチュウ&イーブイ ボックスセット スモール8個:2,460円 レギュラー8個:3,230円
ポケモンブルーソーダ 460円
ポケモンパレット4 3,200円
ポケモン アイスクリームケーキ イーブイ ピカチュウ 3,300円

Source: https://www.31ice.co.jp/contents/topics/220721_02.html
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