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On August 11th, 2022, plushies of Pokémon from the Hisui Region, the setting of game Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus, will be available at the Pokémon Center! Joining them this time are Bakphoon (Hisuian Form), Daikenki (Hisuian Form), and Junaiper (Hisuian Form)! They are evolved forms of Hinoarashi, Mijumaru, and Mokuroh, the first Pokémon starters you can select from in Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus. Enjoy the feeling of adventure with these three unique plush toys! The Pokémon Center Online will start selling on August 10th, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Please note that the release of this product may be postponed or cancelled due to the situation in the production area and stores. Please be aware of this beforehand.

At the Amazon.co.jp Pokémon Store, pre-orders for these plushies will be starting on August 11th, 2022 and sales starting on August 20th, 2022 but due to the limited number of products available, they may be sold during the pre-order period.


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Bakphoon (Hisuian Form), Daikenki (Hisuian Form), and Junaiper (Hisuian Form) Plushies

Items List (English):

Bakphoon (Hisuian Form) Plushie - 4400 yen
Daikenki (Hisuian Form) Plushie - 4400 yen
Junaiper (Hisuian Form) Plushie - 4400 yen

Items List (Japanese):

ぬいぐるみ ヒスイバクフーン 4,400円
ぬいぐるみ ヒスイダイケンキ 4,400円
ぬいぐるみ ヒスイジュナイパー 4,400円

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/goods/2022/08/220805_to01.html
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