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The Pokémon Company International has expanted its popular Pikachu Kitchen Line to include a new Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Spoon Rest and Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Trivet. They are exclusively available at the Pokémon Center in the United States and Canada. High resolution pictures of the items have been added to an Imageboard thread.


Pokémon Center Expands Popular Pikachu Kitchen Line to Include New Must-Have Cooking Essentials

New Spoon Rest, Ceramic Trivet Now Available Exclusively at Pokémon Center

Feb. 10, 2023 — Today, The Pokémon Company International announced the expansion of its popular Pikachu Kitchen line to include a new Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Spoon Rest and Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Trivet, now available in the U.S. and Canada exclusively at Pokémon Center, the premier online destination for official, high-quality Pokémon merchandise.

Designed with the signature bright colors and happy cheer of the Pikachu Kitchen line, the new premium cooking essentials will bring fun and joy into the homes of Pokémon Trainers embarking on exciting culinary adventures.

Featuring a variety of cheerful kitchen essentials, including the fan-favorite Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Butter Dish and Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, the collection invites all Trainers to cook together and serve up tasty snacks and dishes.

In addition to the new ceramic spoon rest and trivet, the Pikachu Kitchen collection features a variety of cooking tools and accessories, from measuring spoons, cookie stamps, mixing bowls and spatulas to treat jars, utensil holders, baking dishes and more.



Item List:

Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Spoon Rest - $12.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Trivet - $12.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Butter Dish - $24.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - $19.99
Pikachu Kitchen Measuring Spoons (4-Pack) - $13.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Utensil Holder - $34.99
Pikachu Kitchen Stoneware Mixing Bowls (3-Piece) - $59.99
Pikachu Kitchen Spatulas (2-Pack) - $19.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Treat Jar - $39.99
Pikachu Kitchen Ceramic Serving Plate - $34.99
Pikachu Kitchen Stoneware Baking Dishes (2-Piece) - $54.99
Pikachu Kitchen Stoneware Pie Dish - $29.99

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