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Niantic announced on their Pokémon GO Latinoamérica Twitter account that Hawlucha will make its Pokémon GO debut on March 1st, 2023 as part of Rising Heroes Season 10 but it will be a Regional Exclusive to Mexico. Also, a Snapshot tournament will take place in partnership with 7-Eleven. Participants are to take AR pictures in-game of Hawlucha for the chance to win prizes.

Participate in the GO Snapshots Hawlucha tournament!

Be part of our second GO Snapshot tournament in AR+ together with Pokémon GO, where we will have different prizes for the all the places. Participating is very simple:

  1. Follow the guidelines and register your Hawlucha GO Snapshot using the following form: Click Here
  2. The registration period is from March 1st to 7th, 2023
  3. The voting period will be from March 8th to 15th, 2023. During this period, the match-ups will take place on the 7-Eleven Gaming Instagram stories. The most voted photo will advance in the bracket, until reaching 8 semi-finalists
  4. On March 20th, 2023, we will review the 8 semi-finalists during a special broadcast on our Twitch channel and the winners will be announced on social networks.

We will have a panel of judges for the finals, which will evaluate the GO Snapshots based on creativity, photography quality and concept.


1. The equivalent of 14,500 Pokécoins in gift cards + Pokémon Center merchandise
2. The equivalent of 5,200 Pokécoins in gift cards + Pokémon Center merchandise
3. The equivalent of 2,500 Pokécoins in gift cards + Pokémon Center merchandise
4. The equivalent of 1,200 Pokécoins in gift cards
5 to 8. The equivalent of 1,200 Pokécoins in gift cards


  • All pictures must be taken of the Pokémon Hawlucha in AR or AR+
  • The photographs may not be edited in any way, for example: adding filters, retouching, texts or other effects or elements.
  • The following elements may not appear in the photographs: logos, toys, people, animals or food.
  • It is important to take into account the proportion of the size of the Hawlucha Pokémon, it measures an average of 78 cm tall. Avoid that in your photograph it looks very small or exaggeratedly large.
  • Once your photo is submitted, updates will no longer be allowed.
  • A maximum of one entry per person is allowed and only players who live within the Mexican Republic may participate.
  • For this challenge, group AR photos (where more than one Pokémon appears in AR) are not allowed.
  • The tournament is limited to 100 participants.
  • The organizer, at their discretion, may remove photographs that are considered offensive, unethical or outside the code of conduct.

Sources: https://twitter.com/PokemonGoAppLA/status/1630648011549294594 and https://7-eleven.com.mx/7-eleven-gaming/participa-en-el-torneo-de-go-snapshots-hawlucha/
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