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BYD Japan has delivers two J6 compact EV buses to Mie Kotsu and they have started operation on the Tsujikuru/Fujisato Line, Shikaumi/Asama Line, Futami Line, Higashi Oyodo/Akeno/Omata Line, as community buses on April 24th, 2023 in Ise City.

The EV buses that are operated by Mie Kotsu were designed by The Pokémon Company. The EV buses are wrapped with designs of Electric-type Pokémon, including Mijumaru, which has been appointed as a Mie Support Pokémon. The EV buses will be powered by Mie Umashikuni Green Electricity, a renewable energy source provided by Chubu Electric Power Company. Compared with ordinary electricity, this electricity is expected to reduce CO2 by approximately 29 tons per year by creating energy derived from the hydroelectric power plants located in the Kushida River and Miya River and other water systems in Mie Prefecture.


BYD has delivered a total of approximately 90,000 EV buses globally and has been a driving force behind the electrification of public transportation around the world, and BYD Japan, BYD's Japanese subsidiary, became the first Chinese automaker to deliver EV buses in Japan in 2015. Since then, BYD Japan has been playing a key role in the transportation infrastructure throughout Japan with the J6, a small EV bus for the Japanese market, and the K8, a large 10.5-meter EV bus that is ideal for use as a route bus.

Source: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000027.000043078.html
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