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In support of the Nassy Resort in Miyazaki initiative in Miyazaki Prefecture, the KIRISHIMA CRAFT COLA Nassy Ver. will go on sale on July 4th, 2023, which is Nassy Day. This product will be sold at Shochu Village Kirishima Factory Garden Shop (焼酎の里 霧島ファクトリーガーデン ショップ) and other local stores that same day until December 29th, 2023, and they are also considering selling it at souvenir shops in Miyazaki Prefecture in the future.


In October 2020, Miyazaki Prefecture and The Pokémon Company signed a collaboration and cooperation agreement for regional revitalization, which led to the appointment of Nassy and Alolan Nassy as Miyazaki's Favorite Pokémon. Under the title of Nassy Resort in Miyazaki, they are engaged in a variety of activities aimed at revitalizing the local community in Miyazaki Prefecture. Kirishima Brewery, a company headquartered in Miyazaki Prefecture, hopes to work together to help restore the prefecture, which is why this initiative is so important.

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KIRISHIMA CRAFT COLA Nassy Ver. is a non-alcoholic craft cola syrup based on black yeast amazake and made from six Miyazaki ingredients including Hyuganatsu, Kumquat, and Hebesu. The collaboration with Nassy and Alolan Nassy adds another Miyazaki flavor to the product, making it a great souvenir.

The entire label is a colorful depiction of the citrus fruits used as ingredients and the energetic atmosphere of Miyazaki Prefecture, which is blessed with a rich nature and a mild climate. The design depicts Nassy and Alolan Nassy having fun playing in a tropical atmosphere inspired by the blue sea of Miyazaki Prefecture and the bougainvillea, the prefecture's most popular flower.


On July 3rd, 2023, they made courtesy visit to Governor Kono of Miyazaki Prefecture and reported the release of KIRISHIMA CRAFT COLA Nassy Ver.


Price: 2,000 yen (price without tax 1,852 yen)
Size: 240 ml bottle
Shelf life: 8 months after manufacture
Alcohol Content: 0.0

Source: https://digitalpr.jp/r/72560
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