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The Pokémon Center will release merchandise inspired by Pokémon Sleep. The items include plushies that recreate the sleeping Pokémon seen in the game, a Merriep light alarm clock that notifies you in the morning with light and sound, and a Utsudon night cap that can be used as a water-absorbing cap.

In addition, there are also goods that can be used for relaxation, such as a towel blanket and eye mask with Kabigon designs, which can be enjoyed in combination with the app. The lineup is sure to be a fun one to enjoy along with the app.


Item List (English):

Soft Plushie Pokémon Sleep Good night Pikachu - 3,520 yen
Soft Plushie Pokémon Sleep Good night Yadon - 3,520 yen
Soft Plushie Pokémon Sleep Good night Karakara - 3,520 yen
Soft Plushie Pokémon Sleep Good night Chicorita - 3,520 yen
Die-cut Lying Towel Blanket Pokémon Sleep Kabigon - 5,940 yen
Light Alarm Clock Pokémon Sleep Merriep - 9,900 yen
Nightcap Pokémon Sleep Utsudon - 2,420 yen
Eye Mask Pokémon Sleep Kabigon - 1,980 yen
3-piece Bedspread Set Pokémon Sleep Single - 10,450 yen
Assorted Stickers Pokémon Sleep - 660 yen
A4 Clear File Pokémon Sleep - 275 yen

Item List (Japanese):

もっちりぬいぐるみPokémon Sleepおやすみピカチュウ 3,520円
もっちりぬいぐるみPokémon Sleepおやすみヤドン 3,520円
もっちりぬいぐるみPokémon Sleepおやすみカラカラ 3,520円
もっちりぬいぐるみPokémon Sleepおやすみチコリータ 3,520円
ダイカットごろ寝タオルケットPokémon Sleepカビゴン 5,940円
光目覚まし時計Pokémon Sleepメリープ 9,900円
ナイトキャップPokémon Sleepウツドン 2,420円
アイマスクPokémon Sleepカビゴン 1,980円
ベッドカバー3点セットPokémon Sleepシングル 10,450円
アソートシールPokémon Sleep 660円
A4クリアファイルPokémon Sleep 275円
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