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Similar to the agreement that The Pokémon Company and Mercari signed in June 2023, Yahoo! JAPAN and The Pokémon Company also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Cooperation to Create a Safe and Secure Trading Card Trading Platform on July 20th, 2023.

Press Release:

On July 20th, 2023, The Pokémon Company and Yahoo! JAPAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Cooperation to implement measures to improve the platform so consumers can safely and securely conduct trading card transactions in a safer market environment.

Yahoo! JAPAN operates the online auction service Yahoo! Auctions and the flea market app PayPay Flea Market. They have signed this memorandum of understanding to cooperate with each other through constant consultation and cooperation while implementing measures with the aim of making a safe and secure trading card transaction environment.

Main cooperation measures between the two companies

  • Provide new product launch information, product details to Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Reporting to Yahoo! JAPAN listings posted on Yahoo! Auctions and PayPay Flea Market that violate the terms of use of those services and infringe on the rights of The Pokémon Company.

Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Based on the information provided by The Pokémon Company, they will alert users on the Yahoo! Auction and PayPay Flea Market sites to comply with the Terms of Use.
  • Deleting listings that violate the Terms of Use.

Examples of items that violate the Terms of Use

  • Listing of items without having the actual product in hand, such as items sold before the release date
  • Listing of items that violate The Pokémon Company copyrights.
  • Selling trading cards with ambiguous contents.

Based on this agreement, Pokémon will work with Yahoo! JAPAN to create an environment where customers can use the products and services of both companies more safely and securely.

Press Release (Japanese) - ポケモンとYahoo! JAPAN 安全安心にトレーディングカードの取引を行える社会の実現を目指し相互協力の覚書を締結

株式会社ポケモン 2023年7月25日 11時00分



・Yahoo! JAPANに対して、新商品の発売情報、商品情報などの情報を提供すること
・Yahoo! JAPANに対して、ポケモンの権利を侵害する出品など「ヤフオク!」および「PayPayフリマ」の利用用規約等に違反する出品について通報すること

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Source: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000513.000026665.html
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