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Pre-order gifts for Detective Pikachu were different around the world. Below is a listing of all known Pre-orders Gifts for the games.

Japanese Physical Versions - Pikachu TCG Card

As a pre-order purchase bonus for the physical packaged version of Detective Pikachu Returns, players could receive the promo card Detective Pikachu (098/SV-P) that could be used in the Pokémon Card Game! The promo card is a new card with a full card illustration.


Japanese Pre-order Gifts:


Pre-orders for Detective Pikachu began at stores nationwide in Japan on August 9th, 2023. Those who purchased the game at participating stores could receive a different item at each store!

image image
Amazon.co.jp - Item Case | Aeon / Aeon Style / Aeon Super Center (Game Retailers) - Sliding Pouch + Attachment Set
Amazon.co.jp アイテムケース | イオン/イオンスタイル/イオンスーパーセンター(ゲーム取扱店) スライダーポーチ+付せんセット

image image
Ito-Yokado (Game Retailers) - Original Stainless Steel Tumbler | EDION 100mv (Game Retailers) - Eco Mug
イトーヨーカドー(ゲーム取扱店) オリジナルステンレスタンブラー | エディオン・100満ボルト(ゲーム取扱店) エコマグカップ

image image
Shinseido WonderGOO - Mini Towel | Seven Net Shopping - Original Mini Deck Case
新星堂WonderGOO ミニタオル | セブンネットショッピング オリジナルミニデッキケース

image image
Game TSUTAYA - Stand-up Coaster | Don Quijote / MEGA Don Quijote / MEGA Don Quijote UNY - Rubber Key Chain
全国のGame TSUTAYA加盟店 スタンディコースター | ドン・キホーテ/MEGAドン・キホーテ/MEGAドン・キホーテUNY(ゲーム取扱店) ラバーキーホルダー

image image
Bic Camera - Acrylic Photo Stand | Used Book Market/Furuichi Multi-Use Case (approx. W95mm x H70mm x D40mm)
ビックカメラグループ アクリルフォトスタンド | 古本市場/ふるいち マルチユースケース (約 W95mm × H70mm × D40mm ※完成形)

image image
Heiwado (Game Retailers) - Acrylic Keychain | Pokémon Center / Pokémon Center Online Detective Pikachu Fluffy Figure
平和堂(ゲーム取扱店) アクリルキーホルダー | ポケモンセンター/ポケモンセンターオンライン 名探偵ピカチュウ ふわもふフィギュア

image image
Yamada Denki (Game Retailers) - Original Tote Bag | Yodobashi Camera Standable Memo
ヤマダデンキ(ゲーム取扱店) オリジナルトートバッグ | ヨドバシカメラ スタンドメモ

Rakuten Books - Original Drawstring Pouch
楽天ブックス オリジナル巾着

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/detective_pikachu/ja/news/230808_02/

Japan - Amazon.co.jp - Original BOX and Item Case Bundle

image image image

Amazon had an exclusive bonus bundle that included the game, TCG promo card, and original box and an item case. The bundle sold for 6,578 yen.

United Kingdom / Ireland - My Nintendo Store - Mug


Pre-orders of Detective Pikachu Returns on My Nintendo Store came with a themed Mug as a bonus item! Those who have already pre-ordered the game before the reward was announced on September 19th, 2023, had their order automatically upgraded. Pre-order items were limited and strictly subject to availability.

A special bundle was also available for an additional £4.50/€5 which contained the Detective Pikachu Returns game, mug and a themed Tote Bag.

Source: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2023/September/You-can-pre-order-Detective-Pikachu-Returns-on-My-Nintendo-Store-to-receive-a-bonus-Mug-with-purchase--2446634.html

United Kingdom - GAME - Keyring


Free Gift with Purchase. Purchase Detective Pikachu Returns to receive GAME Exclusive Detective Pikachu Returns Keyring. GAME Exclusive - The Detective Pikachu Keyring is a GAME Exclusive and only available at GAME stores and game.co.uk. Subject to availability.

Source: https://www.game.co.uk/en/detective-pikachu-returns-2915967
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