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Airing every Thursday night at 24:30 from October 24th and on!

The first ever original live action TV serial based on the Pokémon franchise!

The story of a protagonist that came to the city chasing her dreams growing as a person through playing a Pocket Monsters game for the first time in 20 years!

The human Pokémon drama
"Poketsume: Cram Adventures Into a Pocket",

starring Pokémon fan Nanase Nishino

Ever since its debut in video game form in 1996, the Pocket Monsters ("Pokémon" for short) franchise has been extremely popular among all ages, and has been turned into all kinds of media formats, including an anime and a trading card game. And now, TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company have teamed up to produce the first ever original Pokémon-themed live action TV serial!

Absolutely everyone has been exposed to Pokémon in at least SOME kind of way. This holds true for our protagonist Madoka as well, who played Pocket Monsters Red with her siblings when she was little. But when she plays her old Pokémon game again as an adult, her life changes slightly... Madoka will be portrayed by Nanase Nishino, a Pokémon fan who's played almost every game in the Pocket Monsters series throughout her life. After graduating from the idol group Nogizaka46, she has been remarkably active as an actor both on the screen and on the stage, and won the 45th Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Supporting Actress and Newcomer of the Year. Pokémon fan Nishino is truly the only one that can depict the comical and heartwarming aspects of this series that link the encounters and growth of real life with Pokémon video games.

The story begins with a return to Pocket Monsters Red after 20 years!
Madoka Akagi (played by Nanase Nishino) grew up in Masshiro, a port town in the Kanto region. After graduating from the local university, she worked as a kamabako maker for a while before taking the step towards her childhood dream of becoming a creative and taking a job at ADventure, a small advertising company in Tokyo. However, reality didn't live up to her dream, and her days are absolutely nothing like the glamorous life she dreamed of. In addition, she has now been tasked with holding a presentation the future of the company rests on. Just then, she receives a package from her mother containing the Game Boy Pocket and Pocket Monsters Red cartridge she played with as a kid...

Madoka starts playing Pocket Monsters Red for the first time in 20 years.
And that cartridge ends up being crammed to the brim with things that are important to her?!
The curtain is about to be raised for the world's first "human Pokémon drama", which depicts its protagonist growing as a person through Pokémon.

Make sure to look forward to Poketsume, the TV serial so filled with Pokémon elements it will both be irresistible to Pokémon fans and make non-fans want to get into the franchise(?!)

Source: https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/poketsume/