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The Pokémon Company has announced that from Tuesday, December 26th, 2023, at 03:00 UTC until the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Version 3.0.1, approximately in mid-January 2024, players can receive 10x TM223 (Metal Sound) via Mystery Gift as compensation for bugs that players have reported in version 3.0.0.

Regarding Bugs in a Recent Update and How We Will Address Them

We have received reports of users encountering the following bugs in version 3.0.0, which was released on Thursday, December 14, 2023.

Known Bugs

1. The game stops responding to button input if the player uses items to level up an Inkay to any level below Lv. 30.
If a player uses items, such as Rare Candies or Exp. Candies, to level up an Inkay to Lv. 29 or lower, the game stops responding to button input after the level-up message displays.
2. Some materials needed to craft TM223 (Metal Sound) are dropped by a Pokémon that appears in only one version of the game.
Materials dropped by Shieldon are required to craft TM223 (Metal Sound). However, it isn’t possible to encounter Shieldon in Pokémon Scarlet.

How We Will Address These Issues

We plan to fix these issues in version 3.0.1, which will be released in mid-January 2024 or later.

Additionally, in response to issue 2, players will be able to receive TM223 (Metal Sound) ×10 via Mystery Gift until the release of version 3.0.1. Details are as follows.

Gift Availability
From Tuesday, December 26, 2023, at 03:00 UTC until the release of version 3.0.1

Gift Contents
TM223 (Metal Sound) ×10

How to Receive This Gift
From the X menu in your game, select Poké Portal, then Mystery Gift, then Get via Internet.


• You will need an internet connection to claim this gift of TM223 (Metal Sound) ×10.
• To connect to the internet, your user profile must be linked to a Nintendo Account. (This does not require a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership.)
• This gift of TM223 (Metal Sound) ×10 can be received in either the retail version or the downloadable version of the game.
• You can receive this Mystery Gift only once per save data.

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