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For the first time, Pokémon Trainers and fans can now start collecting the full range of accurate replica Mini Poké Balls.

With the same display-grade, ultra-premium, precision die-cast metal construction as the fan-favourite range of full-sized Poké Ball Replicas, the exquisitely finished all new Mini Poké Ball Replica is equipped with touch and proximity sensing technology.

This intricately crafted replica is a perfect version of the iconic Poké Ball, adding a new dimension and completeness to your Poké Ball collection.

A perfect replica: At last, an authentic replica of the miniature Poké Ball
Fully functional: All the amazing functions and feel of our beautiful full-sized Poké Balls, now miniaturised to perfection
Feels real: Made in die-cast metal, richly lacquered in a high-gloss paint finish and with touch and proximity sensing, this is the closest you can get to owning a real Poké Ball
Display grade: The beautifully designed stand senses the presence of the Poké Ball and uses touch sensing to control its multicolour light-up display ring and multicolour illuminated Pokémon logo
Seriously collectible: Start collecting now, not only do the Poké Balls make a gorgeous collection but the Mini Poké Balls also come with a specially struck silver-plated token ring, featuring different Pokémon silhouettes for each variant

Each part is beautifully made using premium materials: the sculpted display stand ring is illuminated by five multi-colour LEDs.

Precision-made in die-cast metal and carefully painted with a premium lacquer for a richly-coloured, highly polished finish.

Each Mini Poké Ball comes with its own authentically struck, silver-plated display token featuring a different Pokémon.

Equipped with touch and proximity-sensing technology, this is the closest thing you can get to owning a real Poké Ball.


The red and white Poké Ball is the most iconic model and typically the first tool a Trainer receives to catch wild Pokémon

The Poké Ball is the hallmark of aspiring trainers everywhere. This remarkable device is an essential part of a trainer’s equipment, required first to catch a Pokémon and then as a place for it to reside in comfort when not helping its trainer on their adventures.

While the advanced mechanics by which a Poké Ball captures and houses a Pokémon are mysterious and unknown to our technology, we know that they are activated by a button on the front of the ball. Each Poké Ball is special in its own way, made especially for you to collect

Below you’ll find details of all the premium replica Mini Poké Balls that have been released into the wild ready for you to collect and own.

Mini Poké Ball

image image

Edition: Standard production – released worldwide
Numbering: Uniquely numbered by laser etching on the display stand base
Release date: 12 February 2024
Packaging: Full-colour merchandising box over a protective carton-sleeved paper pulp protective inner Livery: Polished red and white shell with black band and white button
Display token ring: Silver plated token ring featuring Bulbasuar silhouette repeat pattern
Box contents: Mini Poké Ball, matte black display stand with illuminated display ring and Pokémon logo, silver-plated display token ring, illustrated manual, 3 x AAA batteries installed in the display stand, and 2 x CR2032 coin cell batteries installed inside the Mini Poké Ball
Mini Poké Ball: Although there are numerous different types of Poké Ball, each with different strengths and functions, the original red and white Poké Ball is the most iconic model and typically the first tool a Trainer receives to catch wild Pokémon. The Mini Poké Ball is great to start a miniature collection or as the perfect complement to our full-sized replica Poké Balls.
Retailers: Available to buy now from The Wand Company on Amazon, Pokémon Center US, Pokémon Center UK, and these official retailers while stocks last.

Frequently-asked questions

Look down this list of frequently-asked questions to find answers that will help you if you are thinking of buying a Mini Poké Ball and want to learn more about how it works and what is included in the pack.

Are the Poké Balls accurate?
Yes. We designed the Mini Poké Ball using all available references and took advice and guidance from The Pokémon Company International (TPCi). The dimensions, colour, size and weight of the Mini Poké Balls have been officially approved by Pokémon.

What is the Mini Poké Ball made from?
The Mini Poké Ball is made from a mix of materials. The outer shell halves are precision-made die cast zinc which has been polished and then finished with a high-quality lacquer. The black band and white button, and much of the internal geometry needed to hold the electronics and batteries, are ABS – an engineering-grade injection moulded plastic.

How much does the Mini Poké Ball weigh?
The Mini Poké Ball weighs 80 g (2.8 oz).

How big are the Mini Poké Ball and Display Stand?
The Mini Poké Ball has a diameter of 40 mm (~1.57″).
The Display Stand is 67 x 67 x 27 mm (~2.64 x 2.64 x 1.06″).
The whole merchandising pack, containing Display Stand and Mini Poké Ball is 100 x 100 x 100 mm (~3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94″).

What is the Mini Display Stand made from?
The majority of the Display Stand is made from ABS, an engineering-grade injection moulded plastic. There is a metal touch plate sensor behind the front upper surface of the Display Stand and rubber inserts hold the token and the SIM pin Mini Poké Ball opening tool securely in place. The metal Display Token is silver-plated zinc.

What does the proximity and touch sensing do?
The Mini Poké Ball’s button light illuminates as your hand approaches the ball. The button light glows brighter as your hand gets nearer. If you touch both halves of the Mini Poké Ball at the same time, the button light glows at its brightest.

The Display Stand has a touch-sensitive upper front surface which is used to control the Display Stand’s lighting effects. Using the touch interface you can select different colours for the illumination ring and the Pokémon logo backlight.

What is the best way to display my Mini Poké Ball?
That’s up to you. You can display the Mini Poké Ball in a number of ways:

On its display stand
When the Mini Poké Ball is placed on the Display Stand it automatically illuminates the Mini Poké Ball.

On the display token
The display token is not only a collectible but is provided so that the Mini Poké Ball may be displayed on any suitable level surface.

On its own
The Mini Poké Ball is specially weighted so that when placed on any level surface it will come to rest the correct way up. Take care not to place it on any abrasive surfaces or the paint finish may be damaged.

Take care always to display the mini Poké Ball on a secure and level surface where it will not be knocked. Even though it is small, as it is made from metal parts, it is still heavy and will be damaged if dropped and may injure someone if it falls on them.

The Mini Poké Ball is not a toy – it is a premium display piece. Always display the Mini Poké Ball out of reach of small children. Never throw the Mini Poké Ball.

Which other versions will you release and when?
The Mini Poké Ball is being released in time for Pokémon Day, 27th February 2024, and there will be four more Mini Poké Balls released throughout 2024: Mini Great Ball, Mini Ultra Ball, Mini Cherish Ball, and Mini Premier Ball (and one full-sized Beast Ball). Check with your chosen retailer or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the balls are due to be released.

Are batteries included?
Yes. The ball uses 2 x CR2032 batteries. The base uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries. Batteries are included and are pre-installed inside the ball and the base. The user manual contains instructions for replacing the batteries.

Can I throw my Mini Poké Ball?
No, this Mini Poké Ball must never be thrown. It might be small, but as it is made from metal it is heavy and could injure someone. This Mini Poké Ball is not a toy – it is a collector’s display piece, designed for display only. It has a premium finish, is made of heavy die-cast metal and should be handled with care.

Does the Mini Poké Ball open?
No, this Mini Poké Ball does not open up.

Source: https://www.thewandcompany.com/mini-pokeball/

Press Release - The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company Expand Poké Ball Replica Collectible Collection with New Line of Mini Poké Ball Replicas

Five Versions of Mini Poké Ball Replicas Releasing in 2024 - Full-Size Beast Ball Replica Releasing in October
London, United Kingdom and Cambridge, United Kingdom — Jan. 29, 2024 — Following the release of the fan-favourite range of Die-Cast Poké Ball Replicas, The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company will be expanding the offering to include Mini Poké Ball Replicas. The first of five versions, the Mini Poké Ball Replica, will launch beginning in February 2024. Fans will have the opportunity to further expand their collections with the Mini Great Ball, Mini Ultra Ball, Mini Cherish Ball, and Mini Premier Ball as they are released throughout 2024.

With the same display-grade, ultra-premium, precision die-cast metal construction as the full-size Poké Ball Replica, the Mini Poké Ball Replica is equipped with touch and proximity sensing technology. The Mini Poké Ball Replicas will also come with a new, touch-controlled, Mini-Poké-Ball-sensing display stand featuring an illuminated Pokémon logo, as well as a multicoloured glittering display ring. In addition, each Mini Poké Ball Replica will also come with its own collectible silver-plated token, featuring different Pokémon silhouettes, which can be used as an alternative way to display the replica.

Furthermore, the line of full-size Poké Ball Replicas will continue to expand, with the Beast Ball Replica releasing in October 2024. Trainers can also look forward to additional full-size Poké Ball and Mini Poké Ball Replicas launching in 2025.

“Each full-size Poké Ball has such a distinct and incredible beauty that we just had to create miniature versions that were inspired by Trainers’ carrying Poké Balls on their belts,” said Chris Barnardo, CEO of The Wand Company.

“The Poké Ball is an iconic part of the Pokémon brand, and these replicas created in collaboration with The Wand Company have become a staple collectible for many Trainers around the world,” said Amy Sachtleben, senior director of licensing and promotions at The Pokémon Company International. “With the new Mini Poké Ball Replicas, fans can look forward to the same high quality and vivid detail they admire in the full-size replicas, but now exquisitely miniaturized to add a whole new dimension to their growing Pokémon collections.”

The Mini Poké Ball Replica will be available beginning in February 2024, at Pokémon Center, the premier online destination for official Pokémon merchandise for Trainers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and other participating retailers around the world.

Source: https://pokemon.gamespress.com/The-Pokemon-Company-International-and-The-Wand-Company-Expand-Poke-Bal
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