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The Pokémon TCG Live game client will be updated on June 17th, 2024. The game and code card redemption web service will be offline starting at 8 AM PT(15:00 PM UTC) and is estimated to be down for 8 hours. Please see below for the list of changes:

Version 1.15.0 - Patch Notes

  • Legacy Energy (TWM #167): Fixed an issue where the “once per game” restriction did not clear when going into Sudden Death.
  • Okidogi (TWM #111): Fixed an issue where the Adrena-Power Ability incorrectly boosted the damage done to Benched Pokémon when using the attack from Technical Machine: Blindside (PAR #176).
  • Temple of Sinnoh (ASR #155): Fixed an issue where certain Special Energy effects did not get suppressed under certain circumstances.
  • Great Tusk (TEF #097): Fixed an issue where the Land Collapse attack did not discard more than one card after the player played an Ancient Supporter card and the opponent had less than four cards in their deck.
  • Magcargo (TEF #029): Fixed an issue where the Lava Zone Ability would trigger when Magcargo's owner's Active Pokémon was moved to their Bench during their opponent's turn.
  • Palafin (TWM #060): Fixed client instability issues when using the Zero to Hero Ability. Jamming Tower (TWM #153): Fixed an issue where the card effect did not block the effect of Hero's Cape (TEF #152).

Deck Manager/Editor
  • Fixed an issue where decks with no cards would occasionally appear in the Deck Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes deleting duplicated decks did not remove them from the account.

  • Fixed an issue where card images failed to load when starting a match.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where the scroll speed for emotes was too quick.
  • Fixed some visual effect issues when ACE SPEC cards were played.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not select valid targets to move Energy, Tools, or damage counters to when the target had an effect that would prevent the movement.
  • Fixed an issue where client instability could occur when cards in play were returned to the hand or shuffled into the deck.

Source: https://community.pokemon.com/en-us/discussion/11629/version-1-15-0-patch-notes#latest
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