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PRONTO will be selling a special sea and mountain-themed Pokémon menu (with gift items) and original merchandise for a limited time from Thursday, July 11th, 2024 to Monday, September 16th at PRONTO locations nationwide in Japan during cafe time (excluding morning and evening sales hours). High resolution pictures from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

PRONTO will be offering the Pokémon special menu again this year as last years menu was very popular. This year's theme is Searching for Summer Memories (夏の思い出さがし). Three special drinks inspired by various Pokémon and four special foods plates featuring pasta, sandwiches, and sweets, will be introduced. Customers who order the special menu will receive a Pokémon Original Clear Card (20 types in total) or a Pokémon Original Aurora Acrylic KeyChain (7 types in total).

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In addition, original goods such as T-shirts and lunch boxes that are perfect for summer vacation will be sold in limited quantities. These items can only be purchased at PRONTO stores. At five stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido, the exterior and interior will be decorated with cute Pokémon. It is also a perfect photo spot, so please use it to take commemorative photos of your summer memories.

1. 3 Special Drinks (with original Pokémon Clear Card)


Served in an original Pokémon cup. Comes with a cute Pokémon straw tag.

Pikachu's Midsummer Mango Milk (ピカチュウの真夏のマンゴーミルク) - 990 yen (photo left)
Panna cotta is added to PRONTO's original mango milk, topped with lightning-shaped softened jelly, whipped cream, and bright red cherries that look like Pikachu's cheeks.

Terapagos Sparkling Jelly Squash (テラパゴスのキラキラゼリースカッシュ) - 990 yen (photo center)
Lychee syrup is matched with three colors of sparkling ramune-flavored jellies that resemble Terapagos. The blue color representing Terapagos makes this a refreshing drink perfect for summer.

Yabasocha Hospitality Matcha Latte (ヤバソチャのおもてなし抹茶ラテ) - 990 yen (photo right)
This drink is made with PRONTO's original matcha milk made with 100% Uji matcha green tea, and is flavored with shiratama (white rice balls), azuki beans, and other flavors, creating a gentle-tasting drink that makes you feel like you've been treated to by Yabasocha.

2. 4 Special Food Plates (with Pokémon Original Aurora Acrylic Keychain)


Flying Kairyu's Tomato Cream Pasta (空飛ぶカイリューのトマトクリーム生パスタ) - 1,870 yen (top right)
Tomato cream sauce with salmon and shimeji mushrooms, fluffy sauce combined with seafood broth, topped with cloud-shaped puffed dumplings. This visually pleasing pasta is inspired by Kairyu flying above the clouds, with pasta coming out of the fluffy white cream!

Ogrepon's Four Masks Basil Pasta (オーガポンの4つの仮面のバジルパスタ) - 1,870 yen (top left)
The dish features a basil sauce and includes red shrimp, topped with asparagus, cheese cream, olives, and semi-dried tomatoes to resemble Ogrepon's four masks, and is sprinkled with cheese to resemble flowers. The cheese cream is a natural blue coloring extracted from the superfood spirulina. This pasta dish lets you experience the full flavor of Ogrepon in just one dish.

Namiiruka's Water Ring Bagel Sandwich (ナミイルカの水のリングのベーグルサンドイッチ) - 1,760 yen (bottom right of photo)
The bagel is designed to resemble the water ring on a Namiiruka's tail fin, and is filled with frilly lettuce, potato salad, avocado, and smoked salmon. When combined with the sheet on the plate, this summer-inspired sandwich looks like a floating ring.

Dooh's Double Chocolate Mousse (ドオーのダブルチョコムース) - 1,430 yen (bottom left)
Two layers of chocolate mousse are drizzled with glazed chocolate and then topped with white chocolate ganache to create a cake reminiscent of a Dooh. The mousse is refreshing and easy to eat, making it the perfect cake for summer.

Original Goods Information

Perfect for summer vacation leisure! We have prepared original goods that will be very useful when you go to the beach or mountains. These are limited items that can only be purchased at PRONTO stores, so please be sure to purchase them.

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Pokémon Original Clear Bottle (ポケモンオリジナルクリアボトル) - 2,090 yen
(Capacity: 360ml Material: AS, PP, etc.)

Pokémon Original T-shirt (ポケモンオリジナルTシャツ) - 3,850 yen
(Body: Length 69 x Width 52 x Shoulder Width 46 x Sleeve Length 20 cm (Medium Size) Material: 100% Cotton)

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Pokémon Original Lunch Box (ポケモンオリジナルランチボックス) - 6,600 yen
(Capacity: Rice container approx. 300 ml, Side Dish container approx. 150 ml)

Pokémon Original Clear Bag (ポケモンオリジナルクリアバッグ) - 3,080 yen
Available starting Thursday, July 25th, 2024 - until supplies last
(Body: H220 x W220 x D120mm Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin)


Pokémon Original Glass (ポケモンオリジナルグラス) - 2,420 yen
(Capacity: 260cc, Material: Glass)

4. Five Flagship Stores with Special Pokémon Decorations

During the campaign period, five stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido will be decorated with cute Pokémon on the exterior and inside.

・PRONTO Sapporo Pole Town Store: https://shop.pronto.co.jp/detail/1004/
・PRONTO UDX Akihabara Ichi Store: https://shop.pronto.co.jp/detail/9503/
・PRONTO Shibuya Store: https://shop.pronto.co.jp/detail/222/
・PRONTO Umeda Rakutenchi Building Store: https://shop.pronto.co.jp/detail/4022/
・PRONTO Fukuoka Shintencho Store: https://shop.pronto.co.jp/detail/8000/

Source: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000243.000018877.html
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