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The Trial Bundle Vol. 2 will be available from July 9th, 2024 to February 25th, 2025.

Incredible Deal: Trial Bundle Vol. 2

Trial Bundle Vol. 2, filled with items and diamonds, will be available beginning 2024/07/09 01:00! Unlike the usual bundles that are exchanged for diamonds, Trial Bundle Vol. 2 can be purchased directly. It’s packed with plenty of items that can help you with your sleep research.

Bundle Details

Availability Period: 2024/07/09 01:00 to 2025/02/25 23:59

The price varies depending on your currency and region, so please check your device’s shop.

Trial Bundle Vol. 2 Contents:
• Diamonds (paid) ×150
• Diamonds (bonus) ×350
• Poké Biscuit ×10
• Good Camp Ticket ×1

Notes: One available per user. Based on the version of your device’s store, the bundle may not appear in the shop. If that is the case, please wait and try again.

A Good Camp Ticket is a ticket that allows you to rent a Good Camp Set, which is useful for raising Snorlax and for your sleep research. The effects will last for seven days.

Source: https://www.pokemonsleep.net/en/news/313532323136333337363232343939333239/
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