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The Photoshop of the Month contest is simple. Download this Month's picture and modify it in a funny, interesting, or bizarre way. You can use any photo editing software program you want. Post your picture as a new thread in the 'Photoshop of the Month' section on the Imageboard. Thanks for participating and we hope you enjoy this month's Photoshop Challenge.

Due to January's Photoshop's popularity, it was extended longer than a month. We hope you all enjoyed all the Photoshops that were submitted.

This month's Photoshop is a picture of Hikari's Poketch. What kind of new and unique Poketch app can you come up with? Now its time to show off your photoshop skills and your creativity at the same time.

The Photoshop of the contests will now last all month. This will give more people time to think of an edit and allow staff more setup time each month. Please continue to submit Photoshop pictures in the Photoshop Suggestions section. Make sure they are at least 640x480 in size.

Good Luck! We are all looking forward to your Photoshops.