ThumbnailTrain like a champion with the Winner's Path Route, available only via a special Nintendo Wi-Fi connection distribution event! The Winner's Path Route is chock full of extraordinary Pokémon anditem for you to find. You might come across as Munchlax that knows the Selfdestruct attack and useful items such as the Focus Sash and Choice Band. You can even find a Magikarp that knows the move Bounce - when it evolves into Gyarados, Bounce is the only Flying-type attack Gyarados can learn!

The Winner's Path PokéWalker Course will be available from May 6th, 2010 to June 25th, 2010. Players can download the course from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection onto their Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver cart and then transfer the course over to their PokéWalker.

Pokémon available in course

The Winner's Path PokéWalker Course contains various Pokémon with useful items. Some of the items that the Pokémon have are often very hard to obtain normally.

Pokémon Item Steps Rarity
Munchlax Leftovers 8000 Very High
Beldum Shuca Berry 8000 High
Horsea Dragon Scale 3000 Low
Duskull Reaper Cloth 3000 Low
Bronzor Wacan Berry 0 Very Low
Magikarp Occa Berry 0 Very Low

Items available in course

Various items are available throughout the course. The number of steps a player takes will increase the chances of getting a rarer item.

Item Steps Rarity
Focus Sash 10000 Very High
Choice Scarf 9000 Very High
Choice Band 8000 Very High
Choice Specs 7000 Very High
Power Herb 6000 Very High
White Herb 5000 Very High
Sitrus Berry 2000 High
Lum Berry 1000 High
Persim Berry 500 Low
Chesto Berry 0 Very Low