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OP/ED: ポケモン☆サンデー (バージョン4) / Pokémon Sunday (Version 4)
ポケモン☆サンデー (バージョン4)
Title ポケモン☆サンデー (バージョン4)
Pokémon Sunday (Version 4)
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OPED Details:


The forth variant of the Pokémon Sunday opening added a preview for the upcoming episode in a Poké ball colored video box. The background was a yellow and orange gradient with the Pokémon Sunday tiled in a wallpaper like format.

The opening would last approximately 35 seconds and did not feature any characters or Pokémon outside of the preview clips for that week. The opening would end with an anime style city background as multiple CGI Poké ball flew and combined to create a bigger Poké ball. It opens to reveal the Pokémon Sunday (ポケモン☆サンデー) logo.



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