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DP 144 (50:46)

A special preview of the new upcoming games Heart Gold and Soul Silver, along with a preview of the anime tie-in special!

Pocket Monsters HeartGold and SoulSilver are finally on sale in Japan as of this episodes original airing. The characters and Pokémon who appeared in DP143 and DP144 also contribute a lot in the Jouto region, the setting of the games! The secrets of the Jouto region, which promise excitement in the anime as well as in the games, will now be revealed on a grand scale!

Secret number one: The new main character is in action a lot! These two are the main characters traveling through the Jouto region and if you choose the boy as the main character, the girl will appear as Kotone, a supporting character. In the anime, Kotone contributes in the form of battles, of course, but also as a love cupid!

Secret number two: The new traveling partners. These three are the ones you can receive from the professor in the game this time. First, the Grass Type Chicorita. It can learn strong moves such as Magical Leaf and Solarbeam. In the vicious battles with Satoshi and the others in the anime, it will show a variety of moves as well! Next, the Water Type Waninoko. As its wild appearance indicates, it can master powerful moves! Waninoko holds the key to the further development of Kazunari's journey. Could this possibly be...? Finally, the Fire Type Hinoarashi. As it is a precious Fire Type according to the story, there's no doubt it's a great addition! As Hikari's new partner in the anime, it will undergo some harsh training!

Secret number three: Aim to be a Pokéthlete! Pokéthlon is where the sports festival for Pokémon are held. The Bound Field, where you aim at glowing lamps and Dash Hurdle where you have to jump over approaching hurdles.

XY 33 (23:15)

The latest news on the Pokémon movies was announced by Okido. The Thieves and the 1000 Pokémon is a free a game where viewers can enjoy the world the movie was made available to download on the Nintendo 3DS before the movie 17 premiere.

If players took this game with them to the theater, a special stage was unlocked. Download period: July 19th, 2014 until September 30th, 2014. If players cleared that level, they would receive a Master Ball in Pokémon X/Y!

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