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Caleb Yen

Caleb Yen
First Name: Caleb
Last Name: Yen
Main Country: United States United States
Main Language: English
Birthdate: 1991-04-12
Age : 33
Caleb Yen is a Los Angeles based voice actor for various Pokemon media, joining the franchise in Pokémon Masters EX's English dub. For voiceover, he is represented by Atlas Talent.
His official website is: https://www.calebyen.com/

Edgar Troy Announcement - Twitter
On August 23rd, 2023, he announced on his Twitter account that he was the voice of Edgar Troy in episode 3 of Pokémon: Path to the Peak.

"He doesn't follow the meta. He IS the meta." I'm Edgar Troy, the shining light of Team Falinks, in ep. 3 of the new series "Pokémon: Path to the Peak"!
Characters Portrayed
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  • United States Edgar Troy
  • Japan トロイ
  • Japan Troy
  • Japan Troy
Role Media Title
Voice Actor Video Game Pokémon Masters EX
Voice Actor
Edgar Troy
Voice Actor
Edgar Troy