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Kathy Pilon

Kathy Pilon
First Name: Kathy
Last Name: Pilon
Main Country: United States United States
Main Language: English
Birthdate: 1962-03-08
Age : 62
Kathy Pilon is a Los Angeles based voice actress, editor, producer and voice director for various Pokémon media, joining the franchise in Season 1 of Pokémon the Series. Initially, living in New York City, she joined under 4Kids Productions as a Script Editor starting with Princess vs. Princess credited as "Kathy Borland". Eventually however, she moved up to becoming the lead producer for the dub, starting with The Pokémon Water War, and served in this position until 4Kids lost the rights to the series in 2006. During her tenure as producer, she had also made cameos as a voice actress in Spell of the Unown and Pokémon Channel.
Many years later, Kathy returned to the franchise, currently working as the voice director for Pokémon Masters EX's English dub, alongside Pokémon: Path to the Peak and Detective Pikachu Returns.
Kathy is married to fellow producer and voice actor Norman J. Grossfeld
Pokémon Portrayed
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gloom
  • Japan クサイハナ
  • Japan Kusaihana