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Title: Re: Voice Cast for Pocket Monsters XY revealed
Yup, it'd be strange for him to come back just to record "Sonansuuuuuuuu" every week.

Well, at least Takeshi's getting a special. Can't say the same for Kasumi :p
Title: Re: Voice Cast for Pocket Monsters XY revealed
Has it been confirmed? I didn't see any sign of Takeshi in the trailers... Well, that's great new then :)
Title: Re: Voice Cast for Pocket Monsters XY revealed
Judging by her avatar, I'd say Takeshi, as his voice actor (Yuji Ueda) is back. But he also voices Sonansu, so I dunno.

I would love for Takeshi to be back, but alas it looks highly unlikely :(
Title: Re: 63: 新ジムリーダー! チェレン!/Shin Gym Leader! Cheren!
An okay episode, though the lack of actual gym battle was really disappointing. But not nearly as disappointing as the totally n00b way Satoshi got humiliated. :-/
Title: Re: BWS2-N 2: トモダチ...その名はN!/Tomodachi... sono na wa N!
Rather interesting episode (yay for the Rocket Gang!), and curious to see how the whole story with N will unfold. I can't say I'm a real fan of him though, both ingame and in the series.
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Title: New Pokémon Arcade game in Japan
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Seen on ONM:

"While everyone wants a new Pokemon game for DS or 3DS, Namco Bandai has announced a new Pokemon arcade game for Japan called Pokemon Medal World.

Pokemon Medal World is a medal game, a Japanese type of arcade game. So you trade money for medals which can then be inserted into the machine and fired.

What actually happens after that is unclear but four players can play together and videos will play on the screen in the background.

The images show various Pokemon including Pokemon Black and White starters Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy plus oldies like Pikachu."

Title: Pokémon The Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom to air this Friday in Canada
Everything's in the title.

PST: 2:00PM
MST: 3:00PM
CST: 5:00PM
EST: 2:00PM
AST: 3:00PM

Source: (at 2PM)
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