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Title: Re: Pokémon X and Y Friends Codes
I have one too:
PPN 4484-8960-3357
Title: Re:
Title: your favorite character
So lets open this up with a topic about which character is your overall fav and why.

I'll start by saying Kasumi (Misty) still is my fav 'cause she didn't take much crap from peoples and was always cool and in charge. + she had a funny Psyduck lol
Title: JDS?
JDS searching for site bugs?
Title: Pikachu at Macys Parade
File: 1353610527000.jpg (3264px x 1952px - 795.03 KiB)
Pikachu Balloon. Pika's ears are broken :(
Title: Pikachu at Macys Parade
File: 13536104880072.jpg (3264px x 1952px - 898.75 KiB)
Pikachu Balloon
Title: Pokemon Black / White Logo rework
File: 12708401130040.png (950px x 496px - 183.42 KiB)
Using the image from the official site, removed the text..
Title: big melons
And so juicy too