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Title: Re: 4 New CD's Announced - Become a Pointer! the Opening Theme for Best Wishes Season 2
Yay! I can't wait to get the new opening theme's CD and the soundtrack for the next movie. I was wondering how long it would take before there was a new opening theme.
Title: Re: Seven-Colored Arch (七色アーチ) on iTunes
It's such a shame that they don't really make new songs very often. I really like the music and have a CD collection but it's pretty tough to only listen to Pokémon music when they only release new music a few times a year. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait.
By the way, does anyone know if they released Kimi no Mune ni (the last song of the Diamond and Pearl series) on CD? I don't think they have but I know there is a full size version of the song. Maybe that was an Itunes only release as well?
Title: Re: BW 71: 難関突破!天空の塔を登れ!!/Nankan toppa! Tenkū no tō wo nobore!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was funny seeing all the challenges that the contestants had to go through, but I had hoped there were more people left to compete after the boat race. I don't understand why Dent's cosplay was not acceptable, although the idea of cosplaying as Pokémon was really cool. Kenyan and Dageki's cosplay was very amusing, and even Mile said so. I liked how Iris used her hair to make herself look like Professor Araragi and just kept repeating her name the whole time.
The whole idea of the festival in the city was really interesting and the tower was really cool was well. I wonder why Reiji didn't just use his Ligray's Psychic to get directly to the top of the tower, though.
I found the forest with Ghost Pokémon really cool, since Ghost Pokémon are my favorite type. It was funny how Iris was tricked by the Confuse Ray of the Chandelure, and how the other Pokémon in the forest were applauding for her. i wonder if they were confused by Chandelure as well.
I liked how Reiji didn't win at the end. His tactics were pretty cheap, and it would have been disappointing to see him win just because he had a Psychic type Pokémon.
Title: Re: BW 70: フキヨセジム!VSフウロ空中決戦!!/Fukiyose Gym! VS Furo kūchū kessen!
This was a pretty cool battle, although I wish they had used the props more. I thought that Satoshi would have won with or at least used a strategy using them. It was nice to see Warubiru's first battle with Satoshi, although it ended a lot quicker than I thought. I was expecting Warubiru to use a Dark-type attack other than Crunch, like maybe Dark Pulse or something. It was also nice to see Hatobo evolve, although now there is a pretty big difference between her and the other Pokémon, many of which have not even evolved at all.
The animations for the attacks were really cool, especially the animation for Brave Bird. The Aqua Ring that protected Swanna from Electric-type attacks was cool as well, although it wasn't really realistic, seeing as how it can cure status as well as block even Electric attacks.
It's great the Fuuro will conduct real battles now, although I am sad that it means she won't be able to fly as much. That was an interesting theme introduced in this episode that I feel is pretty relevant nowadays.
Title: Re: BW 68: アフロでGO!バッフロンはNO!!/Afro de GO! Buffron wa NO!!
Quote From: Chance
Granted, it was quite silly, and was of a pure 'filler lineage'.

I agree. It seemed like just a comedy. It was nice to see Pokabu and Mijumaru settle their differences, and I agree that the cannon was pretty cool. But still, it was Tsutarja who made them get along with each other, and not either one of them who wanted to do it.
The concept of Buffron attacking those with hairstyles different from theirs was pretty ridiculous, but it was good to see Iris help the injured one.
This episode just made me like Tsutarja even more. She really has character, as seen when she refused to wear the afro until it couldn't be helped. And she was the one who made Pokabu and Mijumaru get along with each other.
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